Canada Immigration Age Points

The eligibility of any candidate for Canadian immigration is evaluated by using a distinguishable point-based structured system known as the Express Entry Comprehensive System (CRS). The Canada Express Entry CRS has been developed to find potential immigrants that are expected and highly probable to gain economic success after residing in Canada.

To conduct this effectively, the Express Entry CRS has a points system in which points are given for factors that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have identified to have a positive correlation with future economic prosperity for new immigrants that enter Canada. Let us have a closer look at the Canadian immigration age factor points.

Canada Immigration Age Points:

This Canadian Express Entry has eligibility factors in conducting the assessment. The eligibility factors are age, level of education, proficiency in languages such as English and French, and also the past working experience in Canada.

It is quite easy to apply for an express entry profile when seeking eligibility for immigration. It is stated that anyone who qualifies to meet the criteria of any of the three programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades Program. There are no fixed parameters for the minimum score for eligibility.

Comprehensive Ranking System:

All potential and probable immigrants with sufficient Express entry scores will be qualified enough to be invited for permanentresidency. To deduce the eligibility score, a comprehensive yet straightforwardRanking System formula is used.

The score obtained can then be further used to be compared with the minimum CRS points necessary drawn from the Canada Express Entry draw. You can establish yourself as a competitive and potential candidate if your score from the points is close or above the minimum required points.

The possibility of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ATI) for permanent residency in Canada will significantly deteriorate if the Express Entry score is substantially lower than the minimum cutoff score.

Five Selection Factors:

Language expertise:

This skill can give you a maximum of 28 points. Canada has two primary languages, like English and French. If you have the desire to be a Canadian immigrant, it is mandatory to be proficient on any of the two languages.

As a person skilled in the language, you should be capable of listening, speaking and writing the language. There are many certified tests to assess the applicant’s skills.


For any type of degree, diploma, certification or higher education completed, you get added points. To reach the minimum points threshold set by the Express Entry, authentic educational documents must be submitted, backing up any foreign degree.

In case of a qualification associated with a Canadian university, the Educational Credential Assessment report will be required. It is also worth noting that candidates with PhD or Masters Degrees will be fetching extra points.

Work Experience:

This criterion factors in as most famous for the skilled federal workers. You can gain the maximum points for this factor at the most ease if you hold experience at a job which reflects and signifies your skills mentioned and working experienceof at least 30 hours a week for a year. This makes obtaining permanent residency much easily. You can score extra points for simultaneously working while studying in Canada.


Age becomes one of the most vital factors if any applicant aims to go beyond the 67 points immigration Canada threshold level. Every candidate at the age of 18 and above,seeking approval under the category of Federal Skilled Worker program will obtain points based on their age.

The age group of 18 to 35 will gain a competitive advantage as they will be securing the most points. It is for a fact that as an individual grows older, he or she gets lower and lower points.

Arranged employment:

Having a permanent job in Canada before applying for settling down as an immigrant provides a higher chance of achieving your goal. That is you can earn at least 10 points more which can be included in the 67 points threshold. An authentic job offer is required to gain the extra points in this category.

Age Points:

Canadian immigration applicants who enter the Express Entry list without a spouse or common-law partner are entitled to up to 110 points under this Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System criteria.

Applicants with a spouse or common-law partner are entitledto up to 100 points. Canada typically favours young immigrants, and potential applicants in their 20s obtain the most points under this eligibility factor. Potential immigrants at the age of 45 or above do not obtain any CRS Express Entry points for their age.


This article gives you a proper guideline on securing the most points to make your goal of becoming a Canadian immigrant a successful one. If you believe you are eligible enough to demonstrate yourself as a potential applicant, then make sure to follow the steps precisely. Read till the end to secure more knowledge on Canadian immigration age points.