Car Accidents: The Foremost Cause of Injuries in the United States


It’s not surprising to learn that car crashes rank as the leading cause of injuries in the United States, given the frequency of car collisions observed in many areas. Specifically, the country records millions of car accidents yearly, leading to over three million injuries. 

Car accidents kill 90 people in the US daily. If you or a loved one sustain injuries or even die in a car mishap, you can explore available legal options for compensation. This short piece highlights how you can navigate through this legal battle.

When You Can Sue for a Car Crash

First, you need to relax and focus on doing the right thing. You must be able to prove that the other party’s negligence caused the crash to be eligible to institute a personal injury lawsuit. 

A motorist is negligent when they violate any traffic laws which lead to harm to another person. Instances of negligence include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, erratic driving, and speeding. Furthermore, it may take the shape of carelessness, like distracted or drowsy driving. 

You can hold a motorist responsible for your losses if their negligence caused or contributed to your automobile accident and subsequent harm. The law empowers you to sue the person and receive financial compensation from them. 

However, if your injuries are unrelated to their negligence, your lawsuit cannot stand. It needs more merit, and no institution will support your claim. Thus, it is crucial for anyone demanding compensation to establish that the at-fault party’s negligence caused their harm. 

The Compensation You Can Get for a Car Accident

The severity and permanence of your harm will determine the amount you receive in a personal injury case. A car accident case can end in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and other expenses, like lost earnings due to incapacitation to work. 

Realistically, a personal injury lawsuit cannot remove a victim’s pain but aims to restore your financial losses. It intends to restore your financial status as if the mishap never happened. It entails economic damages to compensate you for every medical cost and other expense incurred due to the accident. 

Furthermore, the compensation covers envisaged future expenses you will incur due to the injuries. For instance, you may require ongoing treatments, physical therapy, or medical care. The compensation must be encompassing to achieve its intended purpose. 

Similarly, you can get non-economic damages for the emotional and physical trauma the accident caused you. In rare instances, the court can also award punitive damages mainly to punish the guilty party. The jury or judge considers all possibilities and makes a pronouncement based on your evidence. 

You Need a Lawyer

It will be a legal catastrophe to decide to walk through this path without the guidance of an attorney. The path to a personal injury claim is slippery and highly complicated. The at-fault party’s insurance firm will try to maneuver you and offer you an insignificant amount. Remember that you cannot revisit the case once you accept a settlement. 

“Consult a lawyer immediately after a car accident to gather evidence and chart the best way forward for your case,” says car accident attorney Jim Onder of OnderLaw. “The lawyer will handle the entire issue to allow you to focus on healing. 

Ultimately, a lawyer will defend your best interest and ensure you get the maximum compensation for your case. 

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