Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car at Its Optimum


Just like we maintain ourselves and property such as our homes, the same level of care should be extended to motor vehicles. Certainly, you will find people driving cars without servicing them. This ruin the car in a number of ways, ultimately affecting its performance as well as its lifetime. Maintenance and servicing your car is very important since it makes your work easier by transporting you to various destinations. It is also equally important to respect the car engine oil and refilling of brake fluid or part of car service to extend its mileage. Proper care will also help you as the car owner to save money on repairs and replacement of parts. In other words, how well your car performs and how long it lasts will depend on the level of care you give it.

Below are some car care tips that would help your car last longer

1. A regularly check the engine oil and other fluids

A regular oil check is an important aspect of car life. Engine oil helps to lubricate the engine and make the car run smoothly while on the road. A drop in oil level will add stress to the engine as enough circulation will not be guaranteed and the engine may constantly get hot, which may lead to its damage in the long run. Oil level is important and can always be checked through the oil dipstick.

It is also important to change the engine oil at least after every 3000 miles depending on how old your car is or when the model was manufactured. Regular oil change gets rid of dirt and particles that may disrupt the integrity of your car’s engine. When you ignore all this, you might as well be sending your car to the parking. Also, be sure to check the brake fluid and steering fluid to enhance proper lubrication. Additionally, you will also want to check the coolant level as well as the radiator water level to keep your car in good form. If this has adhered to, your car can easily reach its optimum mileage.  Be sure to look for options for an inexpensive oil change.

2. Careful startup

This is actually a daily routine. When you ignite your car, it is important to allow it to warm up before taking off. This is important, especially when the car has been at parking for long. It is not advisable to dash and drive immediately. If this happens, you will be damaging your engine as you have denied it time to burn the oil and circulate. Also, avoid dashing into changing gears when you start your car.

3. Observe wear and tear and replace parts when necessary

With time, car parts get damaged, especially engine parts and change tires. This is a simple exercise that many car owners, unfortunately, tend to overlook. According to experts in Ultrex Performance, worn out tires affect the stability of your car, especially when swerving on slippery roads and may lead to serious accidents if not addressed. It is also very important to ensure a well-balanced tire pressure to enhance stability. Use a pressure gauge to ensure they are all balanced. Repeat this check weekly as part of your car care and you will significantly improve its form. You can keep reading here for more details.

4. Drive with ease

It is a matter of sanity when a driver is on the move. It is important to respect other road users when you are driving. Drive with calmness and on all roads, brake only when necessary. You may already know this, but it is important to avoid emergency braking as you may disrupt the car behind you. On rough roads and terrains, press the accelerator pedal with ease and let the car command itself when changing gears. Drive with the right kind of attitude and avoid stressing the engine. This car care measure will help you drive your car to the optimum.

5. Keep it clean and shaded

Dirt is one of the worst enemies of a car’s lifetime. Combined with the effects of the elements, dirt can make your car’s body not only look unappealing to the eye, but it can also lead to scratched marks and rusts, which can decrease its lifetime significantly. It is important to ensure you wash your car at least once every week or two, wax it, and be sure to park it under shade to protect its paint job. You may also want to invest in a portable carport or shade for home use if you don’t have a garage.

Therefore, it is important to ensure your car is given the best care required to ensure its optimum life. The best explanation for this is adhering to your car’s needs and acting promptly in the car develops a problem.



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