Car Maintenance: Seven Essential Points to Note

Like any other material investment, such as property, you need to take good care of your vehicle through regular maintenance. Maintaining your vehicle will prevent any unnecessary expenditures on future repairs, which may be quite costly. Also, when you follow the regular maintenance schedule of your vehicle, it will allow you to get the most out of your vehicle. When you ensure up-to-date maintenance of your car, you will enable the vehicle to serve you for more extended periods & get your money’s worth.

Regular car maintenance helps in proper fuel consumption, which in turn saves you money. Another advantage of regular car maintenance is that your car will maintain a high value because it will remain in good shape. Therefore, it is vital to service your vehicle’s crucial parts such as the engine, brakes, and steering, to mention but a few.

Availing of car insurance is advisable because your vehicle will be shielded from damage, accidents, and maintenance costs, depending on the insurance clause you purchase. It is also a legal requirement in the country. This article covers some of how you can maintain your car.

Regular oiling

Oil is necessary for the proper functioning of the various components of your vehicle, especially the engine. Oil helps these parts function smoothly by preventing damage due to friction. The engine oil helps in reducing the heat build-up in the engine, which then allows the engine to function properly.

Also, the oil helps clean the engine and helps maintain the good health of your engine. With a healthy engine, your vehicle will have a high performance which will help you easily navigate from one point to another. Therefore, regular oiling will ensure your vehicle is up to standard and all parts function well.


There are numerous benefits to cleaning your car. A clean car equals better performance. Also, cleaning your car will preserve your vehicle’s interior and exterior quality. Washing the car on a regular basis helps your interiors remain on top quality and promote the comfort of your car. Washing will also preserve the paint of your car, which ensures your vehicle maintains a good look. It will also help prevent the corrosion of several parts of your vehicle due to long-term exposure to dirt.  Learning how to clean your car properly is very important.

The Car Engine

The engine is one of the most delicate parts of your vehicle and requires constant maintenance. Regular maintenance of the engine will help your vehicle maintain top performance. You should check the engine’s air filter, which helps the engine run smoothly by protecting it from dirt and any other unwanted substances that may damage the engine. Replace according to your car’s manual service instructions to keep the engine safe from dirt.

Also, replace the engine oil regularly to ensure there is enough lubrication that allows the engine to run smoothly. Finally, your spark plugs should be up to date. Functional spark plugs help your vehicle maximize fuel consumption.

Brake Maintenance

Brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. Therefore, maintaining them on a regular basis will ensure you are safe on the road. There are several components involved in your braking system. One such component is the brake fluid. The brake fluid helps prevent corrosion within the braking system, which helps your braking system function properly. Other features include the brake pads and discs. These also need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are up to standard.

Tire Maintenance

It is crucial to regularly check your tires to ensure they are up to standard. Failure to do so may result in you going deep into your pockets to buy some new tire sets. Therefore, ensure you check the tire pressure more often. The correct air pressure helps your vehicle move smoothly on the road and also ensures balance.

It is also important to refer to your car manual to know the exact tire pressure. Besides, check your tires for wear and tear. Taking your car for a drive with worn-out tires may lead to an accident. Therefore, check your car tires every now and ensure they are in good shape.

The In-Cabin Microfilter

The microfilter is responsible for filtering dirt from the air blowing through your vehicle’s AC. Therefore, maintaining the microfilter and replacing it at various stages will improve the air circulation in your vehicle.

Maintenance of all Light Features

Light features are crucial in maintaining your safety on the road. They help you navigate at night and make turns safely. It is important to take your vehicle for regular maintenance of your car’s light features to ensure they are operational at all times.