Car Racing Facts You Should Know About


Auto racing or car racing is a popular sport. Racing has been a part of car culture since the invention of the car. Racing is a hot topic of carmakers, best sponsor getter from corporations and ultimate love of the majority of young men. There is a long list of car racings that are popular among different age groups. They may be of amateur or professional levels. Auto racing is practiced throughout the world in different forms on tracks, roads or closed areas. Auto racing includes Grand Prix, Speedway, Stockcar, sports-car Racing, drag Racing, Karting, hill climbs and trials. Local, national and international associations divide racing cars into different classes and subclasses and arrange competitions.

The things that come to mind with car racing are speed, thrill, excitement and fun. But car racing can be equally dangerous if it is done without proper training, even if it can become fatal. To get trained for car racing there are a lot of schools working. You just need to find a good school. High performing car driving schools focus on improving driver’s skills and give techniques for an excellent performance. In racing schools you get training from professionals. The experts from Allen Berg racing school shows how a perfect training with the best equipment can be delivered. They train you for your better safety. These are some facts about car racing you will get to know from a good training school.

The Cost of the Car

The cost of a car for racing is not easy to afford. An F1 car can cost up to $7 million for only basic components. Along this, millions of dollars are spent on new technologies and research. An F1 car has thousands of components that are to be maintained also. 100 percent accuracy is required to be on track. The only steering wheel can cost $50000. This whole requires plenty of expenses. That’s why big sponsors are there to manage these expenses.

Steering Device

There is no dashboard in the formula 1 car. All the controls are integrated into the steering wheel. Everything has to be done with the steering wheel like, changing gears, adjusting fuel or air mix, changing brake pressure and calling the radio. The Formula One car is a high tech machine. There is an adjusted LCD screen to display the data such as engine RPM, lap times, speed and gear.

Speed Can Exceed the Limit

Speed Can Exceed the Limit

We know that auto racing is known for its high speeds. But do you know that it can exceed 200 mph with modifications in specifications? These high speeds are not just fancy, these are dangerous too. With such fast vehicles, one wrong move and you can have a serious or even a fatal accident. Proper training makes you able to handle such fast and furious vehicles.

Really Hot Wheels

It happens mostly in NASCAR. It should not be a big surprise because we know that with such high speed, the friction between the wheels and the track makes them extremely hot. This process generates heat and including the heat produced by the engine and lack of AC makes the car really hot. It can even burn the feet of the driver.

Not Just Cars

It is a myth about car racing that everything depends on cars. If someone thinks that it is just turning the wheel and pushing the gas and the rest of the work is done by the cars itself is really absurd. Without a good and trained driver, an expensive and well specified car will not work. So the formula works only if an expert driver comes with the right car.

Dehydration is a Serious Issue

As we know that auto racing is a full heat generated process, so it can become serious to drivers. Dehydration becomes a problem when you stay on the track without water, with no AC and heat generating from all sides. The protective gear drivers wear is not that cool so they get the solution with a hydration system. Using this system they drink water without getting their hands off the steering wheel.

Fastest Car Not Always Win

The biggest misconception about car racing is that the fastest car always wins. To win a race right strategies are required to be implemented. The best cars only give results when the driver drives it correctly. You are not alone in the competition, everyone comes to win. So the person who stood first is the one who makes timely and right decisions.

It is true that our youth is crazy about car racing. They imagine themselves in the driving seat as well. However, we cannot deny the dangers and high risks are also there. To enjoy this sport completely it is necessary to have proper education and training. Otherwise, it can become a worst nightmare.

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