Careprost Eye Drops: Effective Formula for Long & Thick Eyelashes

Many females naturally have long & bushier eyelashes. This makes them look extremely gorgeous. However, there is quite a large percentage of women who are having thinner and sparse lashes. Due to this, they have to opt for the extensions and put on the mascara every time they walked out of their place. Although there are many herbal remediations that you may come across for enhancing the length and thickness of the lashes, however, it’s not a sure shot formula. If you are a woman who is searching for a product that can lengthen and thicken your lashes permanently, then you can consider using the Carepost ophthalmic serum.

Composition of eye drops

The eye drops comprise the components known by the name of the Bimatoprost. Usually, this particular component is being utilized for reducing the elevated pressure within the eye, a major symptom of glaucoma disease. But later, it was found that the use of this ophthalmic serum led to the thickening of the eyelashes while it was used for curing elevated pressure in the eyes. Since then, Careprost Eyelash Serum 0.03% started being used as an eyelash growth enhancer.

Uses of Careprost

Women from all over the world have been utilizing this product for attaining long, luscious lashes which is one of the most attractive features in any women’s beauty. This particular lash growth solution is available in the 3 ml container and comprises the main chemical known as Bimatoprost.

How to apply the ophthalmic serum?

Looking at the way of its application, the product is available in a container along with the applicator brush. The lash enhancing serum can be applied to the eyelashes, either through the applicator or eyeliner brush or even cotton can be used for applying. However, it is important to discard the applicator after applying the ophthalmic serum using it.

Best time for applying eye drops

The most appropriate time to use this ophthalmic serum is the nighttime before going for sleep. It is during this particular time that there will be much better absorption of the eye drops within the lashes and it is going, to demonstrate an extremely good and positive impact. The visibility of the positive impact of using this ophthalmic serum can be noticed after a duration of a minimum of 4 weeks. When there is a subsequent growth of the eyelashes and you are satisfied with the end outcome, then you can reduce the frequency of the usage of eye drops or and can also stop using it further.

Precautionary measures while using Careprost

  • There are certain precautions that you are required to take into consideration before applying this eyelash growth enhancer. First of all, it is important to thoroughly wash out the face and carry out the removal of all the makeup that has been applied.
  • Even when the woman is wearing the extensions or putting up the mascara, everything has to be completely removed before applying this solution. Also if someone is using the contact lenses, then it is a must to remove them temporarily during the process of the application of this serum. This has to be applied on the upper region of the eyelashes and not on the lower portion.
  • While applying this ophthalmic serum, if you notice any of the excessive solutions falling on your eyes and cheek, then you can just remove it by using tissue paper.
  • Also, another important thing you have to consider is that this eyelash enhancer is to be applied on the upper region of the lashes and not the lower ones. While applying eyelash enhancer solution, you have to take into consideration all the instructions that are listed in the leaflet that comes along with the product.

Adversaries while using Careprost

When you are using the eye drop continuously, then there may be a possibility that the region around your eyes and even your eyelids may become darker. However, this is a temporary adversary and it will disappear when you will stop using the product.

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