Casting lines and spinning reels in the open online seas


It’s time to set sail and venture into the open waters of the online seas, home to many fish-themed games ready for us all to bait up, cast out and wait for something to bite, before reeling in some potential beauties.

Will you join us as we search for the catch of the day within the many online Slots from top providers, to see what fish-friendly games are available to players logging in online, and looking for an adventure?

Cast your line, and scroll, to see if any of these fishy games are worth netting for a closer look.

Fishin’ Frenzy

To access the five reels and three rows of Fishin’ Frenzy you’ll need to head under the surface of the ocean, as the reels for this slot are located just below the water’s edge, hovering above the ocean floor, between two sea walls.

With nothing around but calm, blue waters, it isn’t until you press spin that the action begins. Playing card symbols A to 10, lifebuoys, tackle boxes, fishing rods, seagulls, fisherman wilds, fishing boats and blue fish all begin to swim around the reels, hoping to stop in the perfect combination to land you a win.

Will you reel in a whopper of a fish worth 5000x your bet? There’s only one way to find out!

Fishin’ Frenzy Scratchcard

If you’d rather reel in a win with a scratch than a spin, then look no further than Fishin’ Frenzy Scratchcard. Comprised of three game sections, the aim of the game is to reveal a combination worth 10,000x your bet.

For the first game section, you’ll be required to scratch away at four bait boxes, to reveal the numbers hidden beneath. If two numbers match, you win a prize.

The second game is comprised of three panels. Again, you’ll need to scratch these away to reveal what’s hidden beneath – this time you’re looking for a fish symbol. Find this and you’ll win a prize.

For the third and final game section, you’ll need to scratch away this section to reveal a game of ‘yours vs theirs’, where ‘their’ number needs to be lower than your number. ‘Their’, in this instance is the game provider. If you reveal a number of yours that’s higher than theirs, you’ll win the prize attached to that number.

At the very bottom of the scratchcard, there’s a circle to scratch – this could reveal anything from a free card to multipliers.

If this wasn’t enough, if you scratch to reveal a fisherman at any point, you’ll activate the reel of fortune game. When activated, a wheel will appear where you’ll be guaranteed to win either a cash multiplier or entry into the catch of the day bonus game.

The catch of the day bonus game loads onto your screen with 16 windows. Each window will spin and have the chance to land a fish. Each fish that lands will award a cash multiplier.

Will you reveal a win with your next scratch?

Lucky’s Fish and Chips

If you’d rather sit pier-side and sample the fishy delicacies, this slot could be for you.

Set along a traditional wooden pier with a British-looking seaside town as the backdrop, shown in a very cartoonish style, can you spin the five reels and four rows available in the hopes of catching up to 9000x your bet?

Helping you to land such a catch like that are the symbols spinning around the reels, all representing and paying homage to the delights you find in a typical chippy – a portion of mushy peas, a bottle of brown vinegar, newspaper-wrapped chips, a fish, a pesky seagull with a chip in its mouth, and Lucky the chip shop owner.

Will the nautical soundtrack of this slot be the soundtrack to not only a delicious meal across the Slots, but the soundtrack to a winning moment?

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