Casual Yet Fashionable: Simple Style Guide for Everyone


In the 21st-century fashion and style have never been more important, whether we are dressing to go to the office, to go on a first date, or simply for a night out on the town with our girlfriends. However, it is important not to be overdressed for any event or wear clothes that give us a stuffy appearance. Conversely, being too casual and appearing as if we have just come off the beach can give a slapdash impression as if you don’t care. It is important, therefore, to dress in a casual but fashionable manner if you want to look your stylish best, and here we are going to look at the best tips for doing so. 


Everybody wears denim, but how many people do you know who wear denim correctly? Sure, it is easy as anything to pull on an old pair of jeans that sag around your derriere and are ripped around the knees. But what sort of impression is this giving, as it is certainly not stylish, even if it is casual? Make sure your denim fits you perfectly and pair those jeans with a plain t-shirt or blouse for maximum styling points. Don’t be afraid to go with the double denim look, just don’t try too hard, or everything will appear forced as if you don’t know how to be yourself.  

Wear a polo neck top 

Polo neck jumpers are the ultimate stylish but casual addition to your wardrobe, whatever your sex, and whatever the season. Just imagine looking as effortlessly iconic as James Bond or Steve McQueen in their roll-top polo necks! Well, this look is easily achievable. Just pair your polo neck with a plain pair of slacks or chinos and a smart pair of brogues, and you have a look that is casual enough for a drink in a local bar but stylish enough for the office. This look will turn heads whatever the season so don’t delay adding it to your wardrobe.

Wear a hoodie

If you see somebody standing on a street corner after dark wearing an all in one tracksuit with a hoodie top then rightly you might be a bit worried. However, this much-maligned top, if worn in the correct environment, can be casual, but also extremely fashionable. Robert from recommends that you shy away from the tracksuit style and go for something more traditional, perhaps with a Mexican influence. This will show your friends that you are stylish enough to be wearing on-trend designs but in such a way that makes you look effortlessly casual, which, after all, is the essence of fashion.

Wear a hoodie


Wearing multiple layers allows you to cover all the fashion bases especially in transition seasons such as spring and autumn. You can combine many styles such as leggings with a skirt over them, or two or three open t-shirts to give a laid back casual feel. You also have the added ability to add or take away layers as the weather dictates allowing you to fit in wherever you are. A dress unsuitable for work paired with a blouse and a pair of tights suddenly becomes acceptable. So, put those layers on for a cool stylish look all year round, and be the envy of your friends in the workplace


Chinos should be the go-to item in everybody’s wardrobe when you are lacking inspiration. The beauty of chinos is that they can be worn on any occasion, from a date with a beautiful girl to an important work meeting. They can be paired with a smart jacket and tie for a professional look, or rolled up and worn with a pair of flip flops for that casual Sunday afternoon feel. Equally suitable for men and women alike, and available in a vast array of colors and fits, the chino is the quintessential trouser for the 21st Century, and most likely for years to come. 

As we have discovered, with a little bit of thought anybody can dress in a casual yet stylish manner. Denim is the classic clothing material and can be worn to look smart or casual depending on the circumstances. Those feeling brave can even go for a double denim look, but if you want to tone it down then opt for a pair of chinos instead. A polo neck gives a sophisticated look yet it is comfortable enough to be worn at the local bar, and a hoodie just says that the wearer is stylish but in tune with the latest trends. There is something for everyone and if you are really lacking ideas then pile on those layers so that you can adapt to all circumstances and be the most stylish person in the room.

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