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Herman’s Hermits

Herman’s Hermits

Introduction Herman's Hermits are one of the popular acts to come out of the British Invasion and the of "beat ...
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Jimmy Dorsey

Biography of Jimmy Dorsey

Introduction: Jimmy Dorsey (February 29, 1904 - June 12, 1957) was one of the highly-regarded musicians and big-band leaders during ...
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Tommy Dorsey

Biography of Tommy Dorsey

Introduction: Tommy Dorsey was an American musician and bandleader and one of the prominent figures of the Big Band and ...
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Kim Fowley

The Hollywood Argyles

Introduction The Hollywood Argyles were a short-lived studio group assembled by producer/musician/songwriters Kim Fowley and Gary Paxton. They achieved popularity ...
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Joe Barry

Introduction to Joe Barry

Introduction Joe Barry was an American swamp pop singer hailing from Louisiana, known for his only big hit and now-oldies ...
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Jimmy Elledge

Introduction to Jimmy Elledge

Introduction: Jimmy Elledge (1943-2012) was an American country singer and musician from the 60s music era. He is primarily known ...
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John Fred and His Playboy Band

John Fred and His Playboy Band

Introduction John Fred and his Playboy Band was a pop and blue-eyed soul group led by John Fred Gourrier (1941-2005) ...
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Johnny Ferguson

Introduction to Johnny Ferguson

Introduction Johnny Ferguson (born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1937) is an American country and pop singer-songwriter from the 60s music ...
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Joe Jeffrey Group

One-Hit Wonders: Joe Jeffrey Group

Introduction One of the numerous “one hit wonder” groups, The Joe Jeffrey Group fleetingly surfaced in the 60s music scene.  ...
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Joe Jones

One-Hit Wonders: Joe Jones

Introduction Joe Jones was an American R&B singer-songwriter, who was responsible with forming the all-girl group The Dixie Cups.  His ...
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Jimmy Jones

Introduction to Jimmy Jones

Introduction Jimmy Jones (1937-2012) was an American singer-songwriter whose distinct vocal quality has been described as an effortlessly soulful falsetto.  ...
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Chip Taylor

One-Hit Wonders: Just Us

Introduction Chip Taylor (real name James Wesley Voight, most known for penning songs such as “Wild Thing”; also the brother ...
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Bill Medley

Introduction to Bill Medley

Bill Medley (born William Thomas Medley on September 19, 1940 in Sta. Ana, California) is an American singer and songwriter ...
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Ray Charles

Music Legends: Ray Charles

Introduction Ray Charles was an American R&B and soul singer-songwriter and pianist who became one of the pioneers and most ...
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Otis Redding

Music Legends: Otis Redding

Introduction The late Otis Redding was one of the popular artists during the 60s music era. He is now one ...
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Muddy Waters

Music Legends: Muddy Waters

Introduction Muddy Waters was an American blues singer-songwriter and guitarist primarily known for his classic blues standard "Hoochie Coochie Man." ...
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Jerry Lee Lewis

Rock and Roll Legends: Jerry Lee Lewis

Introduction Jerry Lee Lewis is an American singer-songwriter and pianist who was dubbed by his nickname "The Killer." One of ...
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Jimi Hendrix

Rock Legends: Jimi Hendrix

Introduction Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) is no doubt one of the 60s music era legends. The music magazine Rolling Stone ranked ...
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One-Hit Wonder: Steam

Introduction Steam was a classic rock and pop band known for their only hit "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him ...
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The Tornados

One-Hit Wonders: The Tornados

Introduction The Tornados are an English instrumental/classic rock and roll group formed during the 60s music era. Although they are ...
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Napoleon XIV

One-hit Wonders: Napoleon XIV

Introduction American singer-songwriter Jerry Samuels turned himself into a one hit wonder as Napoleon XIV, who made a big hit ...
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