6 Surprising Benefits of Acne Facial Brush For Your Skin

A cleansing or acne facial brush is considered a ‘power tool’ in the skincare world. Often used by many, it’s a handheld battery-operated device that cleans your face in many different motions and vibrations. It has the power to exfoliate and deep-clean your facial tissues in a way that will make it … Read more

What you need to know about Hair Removal Lasers

What you need to know about Hair Removal Lasers

There are different methods of getting rid of body hair, for instance, through waxing, shaving or tweezing. While these methods may be effective, they make take time and have a few disadvantages of their own. There is a more effective and efficient alternative to these methods. Laser hair removal is a technique … Read more

Fashion Trends: Stylish Watches 2021

Fashion Trends Stylish Watches 2019

Watch is as much a piece of fashion as it is a piece of utility, if not more. For this reason, each year we are seeing new fashion trends for watches, and 2021 is not an exception. To get the most out of buying a new watch, knowing which trends are on … Read more

How Are Cosmetics Made?

How Are Cosmetics Made

Cosmetics can be defined as products that are made to cleanse, protect and even alter a person’s physical appearance. While ingredients can be artificial or naturally occurring, negative health impacts are as a result of the percentage of chemical compounds products. Below are ways in which some of the most used cosmetics … Read more

Fun and Stylish Medium Haircuts for Women

Medium haircuts for women are some of the most stylish and versatile haircuts we have since when you hear “medium” this can be anything. The implication of this is that regardless of your hair length, you can rock medium hairstyles. As such, it has become one of the most common haircuts for … Read more

Plastic surgery and breast implant surgery in Thailand

Plastic surgery and breast implant surgery in Thailand

Many people like to travel to Thailand for having plastic surgery or breast implant surgery. This is because there are numerous clinics in Thailand that offers these surgeries at very affordable prices and at a standard that can be equal to Europe and the US. Thailand is a world famous destination for … Read more

College Fashion – Trends, Tips, and Style for Students

College Fashion

College is the time to find yourself. You explore all kinds of courses until you settle with a major. You explore different points of view before you choose a thesis statement for a paper. But you also explore all kinds of fashion styles before you find the ultimate way to express yourself. … Read more

How To Have Smoother, Softer Hair Fast

How To Have Smoother, Softer Hair Fast

Do you desire softer hair with less frizz? How do you feel when you meet someone with luscious looking hair? Does your hair seem so off that you are always afraid of stepping out of the house? Well, frizzy and unmanageable hair that lacks shine can be a turnoff. Nonetheless, there is … Read more