Everything You Wanted to Know About Engineering

To be an engineer, you need to apply math and science to solve problems. The role of an engineer is to find practical uses to make scientific discoveries and to find out how to make things work. Inventors and scientists normally get all the credit for new innovations that help human conditions, … Read more

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Boss Like You

It is not easy to impress your colleagues, let alone your boss. However, when you work on improving your relationship, you see that it is not an impossible task to get him to like you if you put in some effort. You don’t have to become best friends, but mutual respect between … Read more

Working in a Casino

If you are thinking about starting a career in a casino, surely, the best place to start is Las Vegas, the world’s gambling epicentre. Sure, if you are not a US citizen, depending on your location, you can venture in Lima’s casinos in Peru, Panama City, Philippines, Malta, Korea (토토사이트), and Macau … Read more

Is it Good to Listen to Music While Studying?

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What Student Part-Timers Should Know Before Taking a Job

Student life can be difficult, especially since more often than not, students depend on their parents, guardians, or sponsors for their fees, upkeep, and other financial obligations. This is the main reason why many students end up seeking part-time employment while still in school. And as a student, nothing beats the feeling … Read more

4 Salary Negotiation Tips for When You Start a New Job

How can you get the salary you deserve when getting hired at a new employer? Use these salary negotiation tips to help you. Under 40 percent of employees negotiated their salary at their last job. If you don’t negotiate your salary, you shouldn’t expect to be paid any more than the bare minimum. … Read more