What You Need to Know About Disney Plus

Disney Plus

In an effort to gain a foothold in the streaming business, Disney will be launching its very own streaming service to compete with the likes of Hulu and Netflix later this year. With the competition in this space having heated up over the past few years, this will serve to add to … Read more

When Video Games Meet Clothing Brands

The global esports audience has soared past the 450 million mark this year and that has turned the leading lights into genuine superstars. They have seven-figure bank balances, huge social media followings and vast global fan bases. They are true icons and they need to look the part, so esportswear is evolving … Read more

5 Facts About Fat Bikes That You Should Know About

At first glance, people might mistake fat bikes for mountain bikes, even though there are differences between the two. Fat bikes are fitted with fat tires that start at 3.8 inches and can go up to 5 inches or more. Another huge difference between a mountain bike and a fat bike is … Read more

Looking To Get More Out of Practicing Your Golf Swing?

Practicing your swing is a great way to improve between outings. Whether you’re working purely on form or putting a bucket of balls down range to practice your aim and follow-through, practice is the best way to get your game down to the score you’ve been dreaming about. There are a lot … Read more

Benefits of Playing Games and Wordscapes

Playing games such as puzzle games, word search, crosswords, and mix and matching, scrabble, etc. help them test one’s ingenuity. Games like this boost brain power which makes them a proper choice for use in educational purposes. Thus, they just not only provide entertainment. They educate, improve your intelligence quotient, improve your … Read more

Why Emulation Is The Future Of Gaming: The Rules Of Getting Digital ROMs

Getting official versions of WII games has gotten especially difficult after Nintendo closed the official Shop Chanel. On January 30, digital versions of best-selling WII games and exclusive releases suddenly became unavailable. Of course, gaming experts were wondering about the motifs of such a decision. Why do it now, when other consoles … Read more

What was gambling like in the 1980’s?

The 1980’s After the legalised of gambling in 1961, the demand for bingo halls, casinos and other gambling venues quickly developed in Britain. Over the pond in the US, the arrival of Howard Hughes to Las Vegas saw legal mega casinos being developing in the Gambling City for the first time. In … Read more

Board Game Playing: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Regularly

Since the dawn of time, board games were enjoyed by all walks of life, no matter how old or young they are, and all cultures across the globe. Board games hold a myriad of benefits that you might not have ever realized; they’re not just a way to become entertained. Read on … Read more

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