Indoor Games That Will Surely Make Your Weekends Fun

dart board

Whether the weather is ugly enough to keep you indoors or if you are simply bored out of your skull, some indoor games are a perfect remedy for your weekend blahs. Indoor games are often overlooked, but require enough focus and skill to make the hours fly by and you will really … Read more

What Online Games Can Teach Us About Life

Online Games

Life lessons are everywhere. Every person we meet, new thing we try, opportunity we take and even mistake we make have a lot to teach us. In this article, we’ll look at the things we can learn from online games and how that knowledge can help us live a better life and … Read more

Learn 5 Ways You Can Improve Hardware Functionality Using FPGAs

Improve Hardware Functionality

If your company deals with embedded industrial designs at all, then you know just how crucial programmable logic devices are as components. PLDs have certainly evolved over the course of industrial designs. Where they once provided simple glue logic, many now use FPGAs as coprocessors. This particular technique means that I/O expansion … Read more

The Best Casino Movie Scenes of All Time


The high-paced energy of casinos has long been milked by the film industry to up the ante and increase the sense of action in many movies. There’s no denying that the adrenaline-filled atmosphere of casinos make for perfect movie setting. The dice are rolling, the reels are spinning, and the stakes are … Read more

The Legend Of Zelda Overperforms In Canada, Says Reggie

As part of an interview with the Toronto Star, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime talked a little about about the curious case of how well certain Nintendo series sell better in Canada than anywhere else. “There are certain franchises that overperform in the Canadian market,” Reggie said. “Legend of Zelda is … Read more

Why has VR gaming stagnated?

Standing in 2018, one can say that it has been quite a while since the concept of virtual reality emerged in the market. However, if you are a longtime gamer, you must remember the excitement that VR or virtual reality brought with itself. It was unlike anything that people had seen before, … Read more

Virtual Gaming Technology: It’s More Realistic than You’d Expect

Virtual Gaming Technology: It's More Realistic than You'd Expect

Our lives may have become more intertwined with the virtual realms of the Internet, but that doesn’t mean reality is escaping us. In fact, thanks to advances in modern technology, the virtual world is now more realistic than ever. One of the main industries where this “realification” of the Internet is most … Read more