Why has VR gaming stagnated?

Standing in 2018, one can say that it has been quite a while since the concept of virtual reality emerged in the market. However, if you are a longtime gamer, you must remember the excitement that VR or virtual reality brought with itself. It was unlike anything that people had seen before, … Read more

Virtual Gaming Technology: It’s More Realistic than You’d Expect

Virtual Gaming Technology: It's More Realistic than You'd Expect

Our lives may have become more intertwined with the virtual realms of the Internet, but that doesn’t mean reality is escaping us. In fact, thanks to advances in modern technology, the virtual world is now more realistic than ever. One of the main industries where this “realification” of the Internet is most … Read more

The Ease of Gambling Online which Spares Your Device

The Ease of Gambling Online which Spares Your Device

There is nothing more precious to a human being in the modern age that the storage on their mobile device. Babies and family pets run the competition for a close second place but predominately, if you find yourself in a situation that reads ‘device storage is full’, then no amount of the … Read more