The biggest underperformers of the 2022 Greyhound Derby

The biggest underperformers of the 2022 Greyhound Derby

The English Greyhound Derby came to a close with Romeo Magico seeing off Kildare in an enthralling final race. It was a cracking month of racing, with thrills and spills across the various rounds of the Derby. It was a feast for those who love an evening at the track, and there … Read more

Why Do Skunks Stink Terribly?

Skunks are infamous across the world for their unpleasant, stinging spray – but what makes skunks smell so awful? And why should you really avoid it, if at all possible? Having a skunk problem on your property? Reach out to Wildlife X Team Tulsa to schedule a visit today! Because skunks are … Read more

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The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Insurance

Dogs are awesome pets and this is the reason why they have been referred to as man’s best friend for ages. Whether they are begging to taste your food or simply greeting you as you walk through the door, the little things your energetic four-legged family member does can put happy smiles … Read more