Cat Feeding Habits – All You Need to Know

Cat Feeding Habits

Your cat is unlikely to be very expressive, and that mostly subtle personality demands a keen and sensitive owner. Feeding is a critical part of ensuring your pet’s health. The very first thing you need to know is that cats are primarily solitary, and feed in the same manner.  In the cat … Read more

4 Essentials Every Dog Parent Needs to Have

As a dog parent, you want to provide the best possible care for your canine best friend. Dogs may seem a little high maintenance if you do not know what the absolute essentials you will be using are. You might end up getting a bunch of useless stuff just because the salesperson … Read more

Are Hedgehogs Dangerous Pets?

Having a pet is a good thing. This will teach your child a little responsibility. At the same time, it will ensure that you’re never bored or lonely. If you do get bored, you can always spend a little time with your pet. Nevertheless, it is true that some pets are better … Read more

Fun Dog Facts That Help You to Understand Our 4 Favorite Breeds

Understanding dog facts that correlate with specific breeds can help you become a better dog owner. Here are facts about 4 breeds you won’t want to miss. There are eight classes and more than 150 different dog breeds. While you may know your Labrador from your retriever, there are some dogs whose … Read more

Traveling With Your Pet In Greece

Having a pet is so awesome no matter what pet you have. For most people, it’s considered part of the family, so the family must all travel together. Sometimes when a pet sitter isn’t an option, you got to prepare to take your pet with you and have everything you need to … Read more

4 things to consider when looking at dog food ingredients

With the abundance of dog food manufacturers in society today, it is hard to choose the best food for your dog. Generally, all food should contain the major nutrients that a dog needs to grow and remain healthy. The foods must be tested by the Association of American Feed Control Officials to … Read more

Proper Care For Old Pets

Just like in human beings, aging is inevitable in pets and at one point they will all become seniors. When this time comes, your pet will become less mobile, more prone to diseases, and experience a gradual loss in it’s hearing and sight. But at what age can you consider your beloved … Read more