4 Things That Can Improve Your Dog’s Quality Of Life

4 Things That Can Improve Your Dog's Quality Of Life

Your dog could be the best companion you have in your compound. It welcomes and snuggles you when you come home. That is why it is necessary that you find a way of making it happy all the times. The best way to do this is by trying to improve the quality … Read more

Dog Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

Just like with humans, your dog will treat you the way you allow him to. The biggest difference is that dogs don’t have as much capacity to discern right from wrong as humans do. They only follow whatever works for them. If your dog starts exhibiting bad behaviors, it is up to … Read more

Keeping Your Pets Happy While Keeping Your House Clean

Having energetic pets around is a real joy for a lot of people, but it can be a bit of a challenge to keep your home tidy. Maintaining the balance between happy pets and a clean home does require a lot of work and commitment, but it’s far from an impossible task, … Read more

How to Prepare Your Dog for Flight

Take your doggo on its first flight? Before your pup is ready to start jet-setting, it’s important to make sure you prepare them. It’s normal to have first-time jitters when traveling with your dog. You want them to be on their best behavior, there are so many new situations and environments for … Read more

4 Things you should know About Emotional Support Animals

Most people confuse emotional support animals (ESA) with ordinary pets. An emotional support animal is given to patients that are suffering from an emotional disorder. Psychiatrists recommend such animals because they help the patients in coping with emotional disorientation. As a matter of fact, there are facilities that specialize in training such … Read more

5 Facts that are helpful to know about hot spots on dogs

Hot spots on dogs, are a form of canine pyoderma that are characterized by red and moist, irritated patches on the skin. They are usually caused by an initial irritant, and are mostly found on the hips, neck, limbs, and head. They are more prevalent on long-haired dog breeds and mostly occur … Read more

Can a Dog Live with a Cat?

Owners of a cat or a dog sometimes face a difficult situation, when irreconcilable by common standards enemies appear in the house. What to do and how help the pets live in peace and, in general, could cats and dogs get along in the same apartment? Traditionally, it is believed that these … Read more