History of Skol Beer

History of Skol Beer

  Brazlian beer with English origins Interestingly, the famous Brazilian beer Skol’s origins aren’t found in Brazil, or anywhere near it. Skol’s roots hail back to Great Britain during the late 19th century. It started on Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England, where a pale ale brewer named Samuel Allsopp and Sons, was struggling … Read more

The Different Types of Beer

Helping readers to tell the difference among different beer varieties DISCLAIMER: This hub is just a guide and for educational purposes only, not necessarily promoting the sale of liquor. With the rise of craft beers over the past decade, telling the difference between types and varieties of beer is certainly getting more … Read more

History of Heineken International

The success of Heineken A Dutch brewing company, Heineken International has risen to become one of the world’s biggest and most important breweries. Its pale lager beer is the company’s signature product, packaged in the iconic green bottle. Check out its success story. Heineken’s origins Heineken’s success saga started in Amsterdam, Netherlands, … Read more

How Is Hamburger Made?

The hamburger is more than just a tradition. It has become part of the American culture. With billions having been sold around the world since its inception, the hamburger has become a staple of meals. However, while most of us purchase our hamburgers from fast food places, you can certainly make your … Read more

The Early History of Hamburgers

  Wonder where hamburgers came from? We all know that hamburgers are one of the staples of American cuisine. Other nationalities identify America with the hamburger, as it is indeed one of the cultural American icons. But do you ever wonder about the origins of your favorite Big Mac or Burger King? … Read more

The History of Ketchup

Favorite US condiment Ketchup (or catsup) is a favorite American condiment. We see it and call for it whenever the need arises – from our kitchens to fast-food joints. It seems nearly everybody likes ketchup. The origins of ketchup come from different but unproven sources The sweet and tangy red sauce is … Read more

Some Very Interesting and Unusual Beers

  If you love everything about beer, then you might find this article really interesting We culled from different sources, and picked what we think are some of the world’s most unusual, peculiar beers that are and have been in the market. Check these out!  1. Brewmeister “Armageddon” Announced in October … Read more

History of Brahma Beer

A favorite Brazilian beer that’s also the fifth largest in the world Brazilian beer brand Brahma is one of the largest in the world, placing fifth overall. It was originally brewed by Companhia Cerverjaria Brahma, one of the two oldest existing breweries in the country (the other being Companhia Antartica Paulista Industria … Read more

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