Learn the interesting history of the Asian beer Bia Hoi

Glasses of bia hoi

Vietnamese people frequently drink draught beer known as bia hoi or bia tươi, which means “fresh beer” in English. The majority of Bia hoi is sold in northern Vietnam. On-street corners and tiny pubs are where you will primarily find it. Each pub receives a daily delivery of freshly made beer in steel … Read more

Learn the interesting history of the Asian beer Beerlao

Larger (left) and dark (right) Beerlao

Southeast Asia, which includes the five Mekong nations, is close to the equator and primarily experiences tropical weather. Because of this, it is always hot outside, and at that time, a bottle of cool beer usually crosses one’s thoughts. In reality, the five Mekong nations have a wide variety of excellent beers. … Read more

What are the most unusual hamburger toppings?

chicken burger with fries

It is hard to decide on just one way to top your ideal burger. Do you prefer ketchup and mustard on their own? Use a sweet-and-savory combination. Why not top the cheese breakfast burger with a fried egg? There are so many options available that they might cause your head to spin. … Read more

What is a Draft Beer?

If you like beer, you’ve definitely heard the term “draft beer” bandied about a lot. But have you ever questioned what exactly constitutes a “draft” beer? There’s a lot to learn about this popular type of beer, from its roots to the manufacturing process. In this post, we’ll go through the history … Read more

How Does the Beer Fermentation Process Work?

a man in brown jacket

Introduction Beer gets its alcohol content and carbonation from fermentation, a process in which yeast transforms glucose in the wort into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas (CO2). When yeast is introduced to the cooled wort in a fermenting vessel, the fermentation process begins. Let us tackle more about the process of … Read more

Regional American Barbecue Styles

Grilled meat and vegetable

Regional American Barbecue Styles Many Americans will agree that the flavor of delicious BBQ is a treasured staple. However, depending on where you are in the United States, the tastes may taste extremely different from your neighbors a state away. With the advent of more and more BBQ restaurants around the turn … Read more

Learn About Anchor Liberty Ale

a bottle and glass of Anchor Liberty Ale

Beer is known to have many different styles and types. Among the most popular ones are American IPAs. They are known traditionally for their bold hop aroma, high bitterness, and citrus flavors. They are usually brewed with higher amounts of hops in the boil kettle, leading to the high bitterness and mid-palate … Read more