What Exactly is Bacon?

Bacon slices on a pan

We’re all familiar with the crunchy texture and salty flavor of bacon, but what exactly is it? Read on, as we breakdown the stuff this delightful breakfast is. Where does it come from? Different varieties of bacon. How it’s made? What nutritional value it has to offer? And how best to store … Read more

What is Gluten-Free Beer?

Whether you’re avoiding gluten for allergy, diet, general health, or even trend reasons, one of the disappointing things is that regular beer becomes totally off-limits for you. This is because several cereal grains, such as the delicious beer-making ones like oats, barley, rye, and wheat, are naturally packed with gluten. Plus, most … Read more

The History of Beer in France

The Eiffel Tower in France

The French are known for their pride in French cuisine and French wines. Most people would not associate beer drinking with France, though they might refer to it as a wine country. In fact, one would probably first think of Germany when it comes to drinking large amounts of beer. However, France … Read more

History of Refrigerating Beer

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks that is widely consumed worldwide and is considered to be the third most popular drink after tea and water. The drink is brewed using the cereal grains like malted barley, maize, wheat and rice. The brewing procedure is carried along with the fermentation of … Read more

Grilling Essentials You Need in Your Kitchen

You might think that your kitchen has everything you need when it comes to cooking and grilling. But when the time comes to host your own BBQ or your own dinner party, you might notice that you’re missing a few items if you’re a novice in grilling. You can avoid that by … Read more

What you need to know before you buy an Electric Smoker

Electric smokers make our cooking styles better and therefore improve the taste of our food. There are many types of electric smokers that are available in the stores. Before you can settle on any of these smokers, it would be good for you to do some research so that you are aware … Read more

What Is Potato Beer?

What Is Potato Beer

Potatoes can be found in more than just fries, hash browns, and baked varieties. Surprising as you may think, this nutritious comforting, and ever reliable potato is also distilled by some to become vodka of course and it is slowly gaining popularity with craft beer breweries because they use potatoes as a … Read more

The History of Guinness Beer

The History of Guinness Beer

Guinness is one of the most popular and successful brands in the world. They are famous for producing an Irish dry stout or dark beer. Today, they are brewing in almost fifty countries and they are available in over one hundred and twenty countries worldwide. Their dark beer is famous for its … Read more

History of American Beer

History of American Beer

The United States of America is considered to be the brewery capital of the world. Even if China beats it in beer production in volume, America has the title for most breweries in one country. Having more than 3,000 breweries from industry giants, brewpubs to microbreweries. The United States of America reportedly … Read more

History of Japanese Beer

Japanese Beer

Beer was first introduced in Japan during the 17th century in the Edo period. It all started when Dutch traders that were stationed in Nagasaki opened a beer hall for sailors. And to this date, Beer remains to be the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan. It is commonly consumed at homes … Read more

The History of Canadian Beer

Moose head Lager

Canadians are known to be beer lovers. In fact, they consume beer more than any other alcoholic beverage. You can also find lots of Canadian brands of beer in stores, restaurants, as well as bars across the country. Some of the top selling style of Canadian beers are the pale lager which … Read more

The History of Modelo Beer

Modelo Especial

Modelo is a popular brand of pilsner-style beer that is available in both bottles and cans. It is the second most popular beer in Mexico and the third best seller in the USA. The beer is produced under Grupo Modelo which is a large brewery in Mexico that exports beer to most … Read more

The History of Yuengling Beer

Yuengling brewery

There have been a lot of breweries in America that have come and go, but in spite of the demise of those countless breweries, Yuengling Brewery, which is America’s oldest brewery, still continues to produce the popular beers we have today. Its success is because of the amazing combination of pride and … Read more

The History of Smashburger


Smashburger is an American hamburger restaurant chain that was founded in 2007 in Denver, Colorado. In the present time, it has more than 370 corporate and franchise-owned restaurants in 37 states as well as in 9 countries. The restaurant was named Smashburger because it serves smashed burgers using a specific procedure of … Read more

The History of Pabst Brewing

Pabst Brewing Company logo

Pabst Brewing Company is a holding company which contracts the brewing of more than two dozen brands of beer and malt liquor. It includes its own flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon and as well as brands such as St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor, Ice Man Malt Liquor, and retail varieties of beers … Read more

The History of Habit Burger

The Habit Burger Grill logo

The Habit Burger Grill is one of the fastest growing American fast food chain that specializes on charbroiled hamburgers. Their most popular burger is the Charburger which contains two toasted buns, grilled ground beef, caramelized onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo.  One unique thing about Habit Burger is that it dresses up … Read more

The History of Bobby’s Burger Palace

Bobby's Burger Palace logo

If you’re craving for different flavors of burger, Bobby’s Burger Palace, or BBP, can definitely satisfy your cravings. It’s because this restaurant offers different kinds of patty such as beef, turkey, and chicken. Aside from that, you can also order a simple Bacon Crunchburger which is composed of bacon and potato chips. … Read more

The History of BurgerFi

Burgerfi cheeseburger

BurgerFi is a burger restaurant chain that serves only all-natural burgers. It is a place where people can eat nutritious and delicious food in a good-for-the-environment setting. The use of 100% all-natural food items, from its choices of beef to its vegetables, is the greatest innovation that the restaurant has implemented in … Read more

The History of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Hardees Salem

Carl’s Jr. is a fast food chain that operates under CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. While Hardee’s, on the other hand, is an American-based fast-food chain which also operates under CKE. Both of these fast food restaurants are successful and they have a lot of branches in many places in the present time. … Read more

The History of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen or also often called DQ for short, is an ice cream and fast food restaurant chain under the International Dairy Queen, Inc. The company is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., which also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. Their corporate office is located in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, Minnesota. … Read more

Tips for Adding Seasoning to a Burger

When you eat in restaurants and fast food chains, there are varieties of burgers you can choose from. However, the base recipe of their burgers are just about the same most of the time. Most of the burger patties are made of ground beef and some seasoning, making any kind of burger … Read more

Tips on Throwing a BBQ Party

Do you want to throw a party but can’t decide what kind? Why don’t you try organizing a barbecue party? Barbecue parties can be held anywhere and every age will absolutely love it. You can plan an awesome indoor or outdoor summer barbecue party. If it’s your first time to host one, … Read more

History of Beer

Beer is the most ubiquitous alcoholic beverage in the world. Almost all countries have been priding on their own beer brew and marketing it not just nationally, but also globally. Beer is also the oldest-known alcoholic drink. As centuries went by, the taste and the overall quality of beer were improved. Now, … Read more

Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Thinking of what gifts to give is one of the challenging things to do. Most of us have that friend who likes to drink beer a lot. If you’re looking for gift ideas to give that friend of yours, here are some of the cool things we’ve gathered. These gifts are for … Read more

Healthier Alternatives to the Hamburger Bun

Healthier Alternatives to the Hamburger Bun

The great thing about hamburgers is that they can be adapted to suit everyone’s taste — and, why not, diet. There are no rules to making a perfect hamburger, so you’re free to create your own delicious version of it. Sure, nothing comes close to the taste and texture of the good … Read more

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Burger

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Burger

It doesn’t matter if they’re cooked on the stovetop or grill – burgers are yummy. They’re tender, juicy and flavorful, plus the fact that you can take them out and munch on while you’re on a road trip makes it a go-to meal. Sometimes, when you make your own burgers at home, … Read more

The Strongest Beers in the World

The Strongest Beers in the World

Sometimes, guzzling a couple of beers like Budweiser, Heineken, Coors or Miller High Life is not enough. Yes, you might feel refreshed, but sometimes you want a stronger brew that will knock you off of your feet for a unique drinking experience. There are 15-20% rare brews, but there are beers in … Read more

Popular Drinking Games

Popular Drinking Games

So, you’re a in a grownup party but people aren’t having fun? Are conversations awkward because people barely know each other? Or do you have a bunch of beer loving friends and looking to keep them entertained?  Well, drinking games come to your rescue to break the ice and liven up the … Read more