Classic TV sitcoms – The Andy Griffith Show

Classic TV sitcoms   The Andy Griffith Show

  The Andy Griffith Show – one of the best-loved TV shows of all time The 1960’s American sitcom, The Andy Griffith show, is one of the most loved TV shows that has ever aired. This famous TV series was produced by Sheldon Leonard, the producer of the also famous TV show, … Read more

Introduction to Tom and Jerry

“Tom and Jerry” – a favorite for decades Tom and Jerry is a hilarious American Television series that has been running since the 1940s. It has been ranked, as one of the best cartoon series of all time and is one of the longest running cartoon series. Each episode consists of two … Read more

Classic TV sitcoms – “Leave It to Beaver”

What’s “Leave It to Beaver” is all about? Leave it to Beaver is a popular 1950s American television series. The show features a young boy named Theodore Cleaver, also known as “the Beaver” and the many adventures he experiences while growing up in the small town of Mayfield. The show also stars … Read more

60s Comedy – Get Smart

What Goes Around Comes Around If you’re familiar with the hit 2008 comedy film Get Smart that stars Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway, then you might have heard of the classic 1960s sitcom that the film is based on. Get Smart was a sitcom that parodies the action/spy/secret agent genre. It was … Read more

Beverly Hillbillies – An American Classic TV Series

Beverly Hillbillies – simple but humorous plot for all ages When you think back to yesteryear and think about how life was back in the “old days” you might think about how some of the shows on television used to showcase that life. Television shows nowadays tend to focus on the future … Read more

Review of the Little House on the Prairie Episode The Nephews

The Nephews – my little review I am reviewing the Little House on the Prairie episode called “The Nephews.” It is about Almanzo’s nephews and there adventure in Walnut Grove.   Little House on the Prairie (1974) – Opening and ending videos The synopsis of this episode It all starts out when Almanzo’s brother Royal … Read more

Review of Stargate Universe

A good premise The idea seems so cool – an ancient space ship, some mysterious “intelligent” signal coming from the start of time that seems intelligent. A mission to find out the answer to everything. All really great ideas.   Overall (critical) review of the series The problem with the series is … Read more

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