The Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Original theatrical release poster for Lady and the Tramp (1955).

The Lady and the Tramp is a 1955 American animated film produced by Walt Disney. It is Disney’s 15th animated film featuring the voices of Larry Roberts, Barbara Luddy, and Bill Thomspon, etc. The film was released on June 22, 1955, to box office success.  Although the movie received negative reviews from … Read more

Johnny Tremain (1957)

The 1957 poster of Johnny Tremain

Made by Walt Disney Productions, Johnny Terrain is a 1957 film released by Buena Vista Distribution. The movie was based on a 1944 novel of the same name by Esther Forbes, re-telling the story of the years in Boston, Massachusetts before the American Revolution took place. Johnny Tremain was Disney’s first live-action … Read more

The Shaggy Dog (1959)

Promotional Film Poster of The Shaggy Dog

The Shaggy Dog is an animated film produced by Walt Disney loosely based on the novel The Hound of Florence by Felix Salten. Released in 1959, the film managed to collect over $9 million during its initial release. It was a huge hit at the time that settled well amongst the kids … Read more

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a 1954 film personally produced by Walt Disney through Walt Disney productions starring Peter Lorre, James Mason, Kirk Douglas, and Paul Lukas. The movie is based on an 1870s novel by Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The film is remembered for its splendid … Read more

Peter Pan (1953)

advertising poster for 1953 theatrical exhibition

Peter Pan is a movie based on J.M. Barie’s 1904 play “Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up”. It’s Disney’s 14th animated feature film about a boy who along with his friends visits the island of Never Land to stay young. Released in 1953, the film gained much success and … Read more

Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Alice in Wonderland is a movie based on Lewis Caroll’s books, Alice. Released in 1951, the movie was considered a disappointment. As a result, Disney was forced to show it on television as one of the first episodes of his TV series Disneyland. It received tremendous success on television.  Later, it was … Read more

What Made Bugs Bunny so Popular?

Bugs bunny eating carrot

From the iconic phrase of what’s up doc to the mischievous encounters reigning the screens on Cartoon Network, bugs bunny has been a predominant character for every kid in the 90s and 20s. It remains relevant even today, making it one of the most successful characters by Warner Bros.  So, what is … Read more

The Production and Reception of The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger mask

The Lone Ranger is a live-action Western-style film directed by Gore Verbinski and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2013. This action movie is based on a radio show of the same name that was first broadcasted in 1933 on WXYZ. It stars Johnny Depp as Tonto, a Native American who accompanies … Read more