History of the Classic Video Game Missile Command

Known as one of the first strategy video games, Missile Command is an arcade game developed and published by Atari in 1980. The game involves taking out an endless barrage of missiles by allowing the player to control the counter-missiles to stop and bomb the enemy fire before it hits the ground. … Read more

History of the Classic Video Game Asteroids

A classic space-themed game, Asteroids is developed by Atari and published by the same company in North America and Taito in Japan. In Asteroids, the goal of the player is to eliminate all asteroids and flying saucers on the screen by shooting them while avoiding enemy fire and collision. As the player … Read more

History of the Classic Video Game Frogger

Konami is particularly known for developing classic video game franchises like Metal Gear and Castlevania, but there is another iconic game in their lineup that people didn’t even know that the company owned when it was released in 1981, and that game is called Frogger. In Frogger, one player takes control of … Read more

History of the Classic Video Game Pong

Although it was not the first game released commercially, Pong is considered by many as the one that launched video games into the mainstream. Without Pong, the video game industry that we know and love today wouldn’t even exist, or if it did exist, it wouldn’t be as successful now. In Pong, … Read more

The Longest Hollywood Movies Ever Made

A long unwinding reel of film signifying a lengthy movie

We all like to watch a long movie. The longer it is the more immersed you get. Longevity also allows for more character development that better impacts your emotions down the line. But sometimes a movie gets a bit too long. In this post we’ll be listing some of the longest movies … Read more

The Musical Legacy Of Motown Records

A closeup of a vinyl player

Music has enjoyed unprecedented growth and development over the course of human history, and as with everything popular, music too is regulated by published under various names. There is no shortage of record labels out there, but often only the biggest ones are actually really known about. One record label that has … Read more

The Biggest Scandals of the ‘80s

The ‘80s saw several significant moments such as the eradication of smallpox, Ronal Reagan being elected as the President of the United States, and the Rubik’s cube rise to popularity. However, the ‘80s also saw several well-known names fall from grace. From sex scandals to corruption scandals, the ‘80s seemed like every … Read more

Playing to Win: How to Improve Your Pool Game

How to Improve Your Pool Game

Are you looking to become a better pool player? If so, check out this guide to learn how to improve your pool game. Pool is a game that never seems to go out of fashion. There are many different types of pool games you can play.  In fact, it’s now more popular … Read more

Top Teen Movies of the 1990s

Teen movies have been an important part of the cinematic diet for years. From Blackboard Jungle in the ‘50s to Grease in the ‘70s, to the John Hughes romantic comedies of the ‘80s, teen movies have always played an important role in the entertainment industry. These movies give young  1. She’s All … Read more