7 Sandals for Women That Won’t Force You to Sacrifice Comfort for Style

7 Sandals for Women That Won't Force You to Sacrifice Comfort for Style

Finding the best walking sandals for women isn’t always an easy task. You want to find something that’s comfortable, durable, and still stylish. However, you might find that some of the most comfortable walking sandals aren’t always the cutest. Or, the cutest womens sandals aren’t aways durable enough for every-day wear. Have … Read more

How To Apply Nail Polish Neatly

A girl makeup bag includes various products which include lipsticks, kajal, eyeliner, face creams, nail paints etc. but people like me who are very fond of long nails are crazy for nail paints. Without them, I think a girl’s life is not complete. There are various brands that provide a wide range … Read more

The Onesie – Its Definition and History

Nowadays, the “onesie” has become a popular term referring to a loose-fitting casual jumpsuit for adults. The history of the onesie dates back further than you may think. If you are a fan of onesies, you might find its history pretty interesting. The onesie is usually made of knit cotton (the material … Read more

What Is the Difference Between “Vintage” and “Retro” Clothing?

The terms “vintage” and “retro” refer to the descriptive style of anything “old” or “antique” – music, movies, clothing, architecture, furniture, automobiles, etc. This article explores the vintage and retro clothing styles and their differences. Both vintage and retro clothing styles evoke quaintness and nostalgia. While a lot of people love modern … Read more

The History of the Cowboy Hat

When you think of cowboys, the first thing that will come to your mind is their iconic hat that comes in different colors like brown, beige, white, and black. The cowboy hat has been a staple headwear for ranchers and farmers on the southern and western parts of the United States and … Read more

The History of the Iconic Beret Hat

The beret is one of the most recognizable headgears in history, at is worn by countless legendary celebrities and political figures that have changed not only one country, but the entire world. However, the beret was not always a headwear worn by the elite or the upper class, since it was predominantly … Read more

How to Dress Up When Going to a Casino?

It is indeed fun to spend some time playing games on online casinos. The best online casino can offer you many different games, good customer service, and high chances of winning, as well. But aside from having a good time playing at the comfort of your home, or anywhere else, it is … Read more

History of Platform Shoes

When we think about the fashionably-historic 1970s, the first image that pops up in our heads is bell-bottom pants, wide-collared shirts, and platform shoes. The 70s, or the disco era, is when the platform shoes became the most popular. These were the times when the platform shoes made their significant mark on … Read more

History of Bell Bottom Jeans

As the name suggests, bell-bottoms are a form of pants that are fit from the thighs and widen from the knee downwards. The flare gives them the look of a bell, hence the name, bell-bottoms. The history of fashion has seen a variety of styles when it comes to pants/trousers. The skinnies … Read more

How to Style Different Types of Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are common among the Indian community and they are gaining popularity in the fashion world too. The international runways, designers, fashion bloggers, and every other fashionista woman is following through with the palazzo craze. It is perfect for summer wear and as a layering piece during winter. They are comfortable … Read more

The Best Men’s Fashion Brands

Fashion has always been something that has been synonymous with women, whether that be designers, the female consumer or the belief that being fashion forward has a lack of masculinity. However, as we move into more modern eras, the fashion world is changing. From the relativity of gender specific brands to the … Read more

Fashion Trends of American Presidents

American presidents have always had a huge impact on the entire world. With their power and status, they’ve become trendsetters, even when it comes to fashion. Every decision they take is studied, analyzed and considered by specialists who are not only aware of the image it represents but the psychology behind the … Read more

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