Top 10 Science Fiction Authors

Top 10 Science Fiction Authors

Science fiction may be a pretty recent literary genre compared to other genres but it has already produced many of the world’s finest authors. H.G. Wells He might be both the best and the most influential science fiction writer ever. H.G. Wells’ classic books are still read and loved today. “The Time … Read more

Top 25 Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance is important to everyone. Going without it can be stressful and worrisome — those who have no health insurance will receive less medical care, not to mention mounting hospital bills. Even a simple visit to the clinic for a checkup and receiving a doctor’s prescription can empty your pockets faster … Read more

Top 10 Burger Chains in the US

  America is the birthplace of the modern hamburger, so it’s not at all surprising that hamburger chains dot in every state. Here are the best-known US burger chains that are either operating regionally or globally. In-N-Out This family-style burger restaurant was first established in Baldwin Park, California in 1948. It holds … Read more