Everything About Pumper Nic

Image of a restaurant of Pumper Nic.

Many chains of the past have ceased to exist in our present. Pumper Nic, a classic restaurant chain with an Argentinian origin, is one too. It was a popular restaurant of the 1970s and 1980s. It got its name from the word german pumpernickel, which means bread. Many even consider it a … Read more

What Happened to Gino’s Hamburgers?

When you talk about philanthropic restaurant chains, you cannot forget the name of Gino’s Hamburgers. The chain started in 1957 with the first location at 4009 North Point Road in Dundalk, Maryland. However, the restaurant chain went defunct in 1982. So what happened to Gino’s Hamburgers? Let us take a peek into … Read more

All About The Iconic Restaurant: Horn & Hardart

If you were around the 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s, you would know that it was not Burger King, KFC, Hardees, Taco Bell, Wendy, or McDonald’s that people went to for food outside.  Many other classic restaurants may not exist today or are barely surviving. Welcome to Horn and Hardart – a … Read more

All About the Benningans

Casual dining, a robust and profitable industry, has been on a steady decline in recent years now. Hence, many ubiquitous restaurant chains that fed everyone in shopping centers and food courts barely exist. Bennigans, too, has a tale no different. It is an Irish-pub-themed American restaurant for casual dining. The first location … Read more

All About the All-Star Cafe

Over the years, America has witnessed several great restaurant chains come and go. From Pumper to Chi-Chi and Horn & Hardart, many iconic restaurants of the past no longer exist. The All-Star Cafe, one with memories for many 80s and 90s people, is one of them. The All-Star Cafe was a chain … Read more

The Meanings Behind Classic Nursery Rhymes

Most of us are introduced to poetry in our childhood through lullabies and nursery rhymes. While all parents recite and sing nursery rhymes to soothe their children and rock them to a peaceful slumber, not many pay attention to the dark origin stories behind the seemingly innocuous lyrics. Have you ever wondered … Read more

The Most Popular Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt

Egypt is the land of mysteries and secrets, some of which we still have not uncovered even today. The vast land along the bank has watched many civilizations rise and fall over the course of history. Like other ancient civilizations, Egypt also had a large and complex pantheon of gods and goddesses.  … Read more

What Do You Know About WWII?

World War II was considered the most violent event in human history, as it resulted in the death of many civilians and soldiers in the different countries that participated in it. According to many historians, about 50 million lives were lost during the said war, with more than 100 million left wounded, … Read more