Interesting Facts About Beards

Interesting Facts About Beards

For ages, beards have been majestic. Maybe not all of them, but to their loving owners, they most likely are. No wonder as beards make men look handsome. It made women fall head over heels. And, while you may know about the ABC’s of beard grooming and even thinking about growing one … Read more

Interesting Facts About Mustaches

Interesting Facts About Mustaches

Facial hair has been rising again in popularity, with a lot of men sporting the rough look. No wonder as mustaches have always been a well-loved facial hairstyle for a long time. But, while beards may have overshadowed its beauty, mustaches have its own beauty. Here are fascinating facts that prove mustaches … Read more

Amazing Facts about Parrots

a couple of parrots

Parrots are fantastic creatures – aside from their vividly colored plumage, these birds are also known for their intelligence, trainability, acrobatics, and silly personality. Little wonder that parrots are one of the most popular pets in the US. If keeping parrots as pets would be the same as keeping other pet birds, … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Wine

Grapes have been turned as wine ever since the earliest civilizations. The great people of ancient history has been recorded drinking wine. And a chug of wine has been a source to some of the most brilliant (and some dumb) utterances from many prolific drinkers of the stuff. Since wine is a … Read more

Interesting Facts about Beer

Beer is the most popular and widely-consumed alcoholic drink and the third-most-popular drink overall, next to water and tea. That’s already one fact about your favorite beverage. Beer is great with everything – burgers, pizza, or a great home-cooked meal – and of course, it’s great for drinking at parties. Being able … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Beer

Interesting Quotes about Beer

Beer is a great invention. It’s the ever-present, almighty inspiration behind so many works of art, music, literature, film, and of course, one-night-stands. It’s no wonder that so many famous people and prominent citizens have said quotable quotes about the drink. Perhaps they simply can’t live without beer on the fridge, or … Read more

Interesting Facts about Pizza

A supreme pizza

Ah, pizza. It’s round, but we eat them in triangles and put them in a square box. And also you need a pizza peel to bring out from the oven.  Plain, thin-crust, deep-dish, New York slice, meaty, vegetarian, cheesy – whatever pizza you want, there’s something for everyone. It’s the food of … Read more

Interesting Facts about Hamburgers

A table with four hamburgers served

There’s nothing more American than the hamburger. When you ask people around the world to list some American foods, the burger is most probably on top of the list. People love them, and billions of them are consumed around the world. The hamburger is a much-loved sandwich that most people have craved … Read more