One-Hit Wonders the Jive Five

the Jive Five

Introduction to The Jive Five The Jive Five is an American doo-wop/R&B/soul combo that has gone through lineup changes.  They were first formed in New York in the late 50s.  During the early 60s music era their first single, “My True Story” gave them their first hit.  The group took another shape … Read more

The Story and the Music of The Esquires

The Esquires

Introduction to The Esquires The Esquires were an R&B/doo-wop vocal group hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; originally they had been a family act. They were know for their hit “Get On Up” during the mid-60s music era. Siblings Gilbert, Alvis and Betty Moorer formed the Esquires in 1957 while still in high school. … Read more

The Jive Bombers

The Jive Bombers

Introduction to The Jive Bombers The Jive Bombers are a one-hit wonder group formed in New York City from the 40s and 50s music era.  They comprised of members from two prior acts, The Palmer Brothers and Sonny Austin & The Jive Bombers.  They renamed themselves as the Jive Bombers in 1949 … Read more

The Story and Music of The Equals

The Equals

Introduction to The Equals Deriving their name from the fact that the group was racially integrated, The Equals’ sound was, as expected, diverse as the band members themselves. One of the few “mixed” groups during that era, they played in many styles such as pop, rock, reggae, and R&B. The group, formed … Read more

The Short Career and Music of The Dixie Belles

The Dixie Belles

Introduction to The Dixie Belles Dixie Belles were short-lived, 60s music era all-girl group originating from Memphis, Tennessee. They appeared fleetingly on the music scene during the early 1960s with hits “(Down At) Papa Joe’s” and “Southtown USA.” On the record, they were members of the Anita Kerr Singers, an all-white group; … Read more

One-Hit Wonders the De John Sisters

The De John Sisters

Introduction to The De John Sisters The De John Sisters were a 1950s vocal duo, consisting of Julie and Dux DiGiovanni, both born in Chester, Pennsylvania. The sisters signed a deal with Epic Records, and released their first single “Should I Run?” which didn’t chart. But the follow-up “(My Baby Don’t Love … Read more

The Dartells and Their Only Hit “Hot Pastrami”

The Dartells

Introduction The Dartells were a short-lived 60s music era American rock and roll group formed in Oxnard, California in 1962. The members were bassist/vocalist Doug Phllips, guitarists Rick Burns and Galen Mills, organist Randy Ray, saxophonists Rich Piel and Corky Wilkie, and drummer Gary Peeler. At the time of the formation the … Read more

One-Hit Wonders The Ivy Three and Their Hit “Yogi”

The Ivy Three

Introduction to The Ivy Three The Ivy Three was an American pop group from the early 60s music era consisting of Artie Kaye, Charlie Cane and Don Robin, all hailing from Garden City in New York’s Staten Island. They formed the band while they were undergraduates at Garden City’s Adelphi University in … Read more