One-Hit Wonders: The Tornados

The Tornados

Introduction The Tornados are an English instrumental/classic rock and roll group formed during the 60s music era. Although they are regarded as a one hit wonder, their only smash hit single “Telstar” earned a distinction as being the first UK single to hit #1 in the United States. Needless, to say, it … Read more

One-hit Wonders: Napoleon XIV

Napoleon XIV

Introduction American singer-songwriter Jerry Samuels turned himself into a one hit wonder as Napoleon XIV, who made a big hit with a novelty single “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!” during the 60s music era. Hardly an “oldies music” in the true sense of the word but a nostalgic piece nonetheless. … Read more

The Surfaris and Their Only Hit “Wipe Out”

The Surfaris

Introduction The Surfaris were an American surf rock group originating from Glendora, California. They are best known for their Top 10 pop single and now-classic rock and roll track “Wipe Out” during the early 60s music era where surf music reigned supreme, so to speak. Although they are labeled by mainstream music … Read more

One-hit wonders: Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene

Introduction Lorne Greene was a Canadian actor, broadcaster and recording artist principally known for his role as Benjamin “Pa” Cartwright on the hit American western TV series Bonanza. He also appeared on several Canadian television productions as well. Greene’s brief recording career was highlighted by his surprise #1 Billboard hit “Ringo” during … Read more

One-hit Wonder: The New Vaudeville Band

The New Vaudeville Band

Introduction The New Vaudeville Band was a novelty group from England formed by songwriter Geoff Stephens. Their bright and cheerful old-time-tune single “Winchester Cathedral” became a surprise transatlantic Top 10 hit during the 60s music era, and has now become an oldies music classic. More on the New Vaudeville Band here in … Read more

One-hit Wonders: Barry McGuire

Barry McGuire

Introduction Barry McGuire is a rock and contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and musician known for his only #1 hit, the protest song “Eve of Destruction,” which is now an oldies music classic. He was a former member of the New Christy Minstrels who emerged as one of the successful figures of the folk-rock … Read more

Artists Profile: Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys

Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys

Introduction Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys are one of those classic rock and country rock bands that oldies music fans will probably remember. The band was founded in New York. They are known for their only hit and charting single “Good Old Rock and Roll,” which almost made it to … Read more

Artists Profile: Cathy Jean and the Roommates

Cathy Jean and the Roommates

Introduction to Cathy Jean and the Roommates Cathy Jean and the Roommates (sometimes spelled as “Roomates”) are a US vocal group who started their career during the 60 music era. They rose to relative fame through their only hit single “Please Love Me Forever” which landed on the Top 20 of the … Read more

Artist Biography: Cannibal and the Headhunters

Cannibal and the Headhunters

Introduction One of the pioneers of the Los Angeles’ “East Side Sound,” Cannibal and the Headhunters achieved their only big hit “Land of a Thousand Dances” in 1965. The group composed of all Mexican-American members Frankie Garcia, Joe Jaramillo, Richard Lopez and Robert Jaramillo. Originally performed by Chris Kenner in 1963, the … Read more

Artist Biography: Arthur Conley

Arthur Conley

Introduction Arthur Conley (1946-2003) is the late American soul singer-songwriter who attained a considerable success during the 60s music era. He is known for his #2 Billboard pop and R&B hit “Sweet Soul Music.” The hit single was actually re-written by Conley and his mentor and another oldies music legend Otis Redding, … Read more

Artist Biography: Brenda and the Tabulations

Brenda and the Tabulations

Introduction  Brenda and the Tabulations were an American R&B act formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1966. The original formation consisted of Brenda Payton, Eddie Jackson, Jerry Jones and Maurice Coates. They amassed several hits from the mid-60s music to early 70s music era. In 1971, the three male members left the group … Read more

Artist Biography: Brook Benton

Brook Benton

Introduction Brook Benton (1931-1988) was a prolific and successful R&B/pop/soul/rock and roll singer-songwriter who amassed several R&B as well as pop chart hits particularly from the late 50s to early 60s music era, although he also scored sizable hits up to the 1970s. He wrote or co-wrote many of his big hits … Read more

Artist Biography: Boyd Bennett

Boyd Bennett

Introduction Boyd Bennett (1924-2002) is the late American rockabilly singer-songwriter who, together with his band Boyd Bennett and His Rockets, achieved several hit singles during the 50s music era such as “My Boy – Flat Top,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Boogie Beat” and their biggest hit “Seventeen.” Bennett later worked as a radio … Read more

Artist Biography: Bruce Channel

Bruce Channel

Introduction Bruce Channel is an American rock n roll/pop/country/rockabilly singer-songwriter known for his #1 pop hit “Hey! Baby” during the early 60s music era. He is considered as a a one-hit wonder; nevertheless, he had several other minor Hot 100 hits such as “Number One Man” and “Come on Baby.” He is … Read more

Al Caiola and His Orchestra

Al Caiola and His Orchestra

Introduction Al Caiola and His Orchestra are known for their two successful instrumental tunes “The Magnificent Seven” and “Bonanza,” both released during the early 60s music era. In that same year, it was established in by Al Caiola, who was a guitarist, studio musician, stage performer, a conductor and arranger on the … Read more

Don Everly and His Alias, Adrian Kimberly

Don Everly

Introduction “Adrian Kimberly” is actually the alias of Don Everly, of the famous vocal duo the Everly Brothers.  In the early 60s music era he and his brother Phil established a short-lived label Calliope Records, with the main endeavor of showcasing their own solo projects independently from the Everly Brothers’.  For Don … Read more

The Life and Music of Bobby Day

Bobby Day

Introduction American rock n roll and R&B singer/songwriter Bobby Day was a former member of the L.A.-based Hollywood Flames (who was known for their hit single “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz” in 1957) and the Satellites, entering the 60s music era. The songs he wrote, such as “Over and Over” and “Little Bitty Pretty … Read more

Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans

Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans

Introduction to Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans were an American early 60s music-era vocal group led by Bobby Sheen a.k.a. Bob B. Soxx, along with Fanita James and Darlene Love. Despite the group’s short-lived career, they were best-known for their version of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” … Read more

One-Hit Wonder Billy Bland

Billy Bland

Introduction to Billy Bland American R&B artist Billy Bland (born on April 5, 1932, Wilmington, North Carolina) achieved fame with “Let the Little Girl Dance” in  during the 60s music era. He started singing professionally at 15 years old. Bland was once a member of the Four Bees before pursuing a solo … Read more

The Life and Music of Archie Bleyer

Archie Bleyer

Introduction to Archie Bleyer Successful American bandleader, song arranger and record company executive Archie Bleyer (June 12, 1909- March 20, 1989, Queens, New York) started to play when he was a child. During college days, he switched his electrical engineering course to music. He started writing ‘hot’ novelty songs in the early … Read more

The Short Music Career of Kit Carson

Kit Carson

Introduction to Kit Carson Kit Carson was an American singer in the 40s and the 50s music era; not much is known about her life. She was born Liza Morrow sometime in the 1910s or the 1920s. She once sang with George Paxton’s band and also with Benny Goodman in the mid-1940s … Read more

The Four Freshmen

The Four Freshmen

Introduction for The Four Freshmen The Four Freshmen are an American jazz vocal group which have had a long and fruitful career in the music industry, and they still perform up to this day although with all newer members – for the last original Freshmen Bob Flanigan had retired in 1993. Particularly … Read more

The Tremeloes

The Tremeloes

Introduction to the Tremeloes The Tremeloes are an English beat group who met the peak of their career during the 60s music era. After achieving their first big UK hit with a cover of the Contours’ “Do You Love Me,” the Tremeloes continued their considerable successes at home by churning out cover … Read more

The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate

Introduction to The Fifth Estate The Fifth Estate is an American garage rock and pop band, formed during the 60s music era. The original lineup consisted of Rick Engler, Ken Evans, Doug Ferrara, Wayne Wadhams and Bill Shute. The group initially called themselves the Demen and the D-Men. They continued to hone … Read more

Gino and Gina

Gino and Gina

Introduction to Gino and Gina One-hit wonders Gino and Gina were a pop music duo who achieved their only hit single “(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby” during the late 50s music era, reaching both the Top 20 pop and R&B charts that year. The single was written by Gino Giosasi … Read more

The Four Coins

The Four Coins

Introduction The Four Coins were a doo-wop vocal group, popular in the 50s music era. The four-piece band consisted of Jimmy Gregorakis, George Mantalis, and brothers Jack and George Mahramas, all of whom were of Greek lineage. They were brought to Cincinnati, Ohio by Lee Barrett, a bandleader, where they started to … Read more

The Four Esquires

The Four Esquires

Introduction to The Four Esquires The Four Esquires had managed to chart three times throughout their short career, despite stiff competition from their peers. This pop vocal group from the 50s music era consisted of Bill Courtney on lead vocals, and backing vocalists Frank Mahoney, Wally Gold, Bob Golden and William Powers … Read more

Percy Faith – The Pioneer of Easy Listening

Percy Faith

Introduction to Percy Faith Percy Faith (born 1908 – died 1976) attempted to mollify the loud brass-dominated sound which was the standard of the big bands during his time. The late Canada-born composer/bandleader sought refinement by adding a lush string section to mellow the sound, therefore pioneering and popularizing the “easy listening” … Read more

Introduction to Ann-Margret

Ann Margret

Introduction to Ann Margret Ann-Margret Olsson was born on April 28, 1941 in Valsjöbyn, Jämtland County, Sweden.  In 1946 her family moved to Wilmette, IL near Chicago.  She began dancing and singing at an early age appearing on Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour.  While attending Northwestern University she joined a musical group called … Read more

The Story and Music of Stan “The Sound” Getz

The Story and Music of Stan "The Sound" Getz

Introduction to Stan Getz Dubbed as “The Sound” for his light and warm sound, Stan Getz (1927-1991) was an American jazz saxophone player. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up in New York City. He got his first saxophone when he was 13; Lester Young was a major influence who … Read more