Artist Profile: Toto

Formed in 1977 in Los Angeles, California, Toto is a rock band that is currently composed of David Paich on keyboards and vocals, Steve Lukather on guitars and vocals, Joseph Williams on lead vocals, and Steve Porcaro on keyboards. Aside from being a rock band, Toto is also known for their different … Read more

Artist Profile: Sonic Youth

Formed in New York, City in 1981, Sonic Youth was a rock band that was composed of Kim Gordon on bass, Thurston Moore on guitars, Lee Ranaldo on guitars and vocals, and Steve Shelley on drums. Sonic Youth emerged from the American underground music scene and they are known for their use … Read more

Artist Profile: Ozzy Osbourne

Born as John Michael Osbourne in 1948, Ozzy Osbourne is an English songwriter, actor, and singer who rose to fame during the ‘70s. He was originally known as the frontman of the heavy metal band, Black Sabbath and it is also during that time when he earned the title “The Prince of … Read more

Artist Profile: Tina Turner

Born Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner is the iconic singer, songwriter, and actress who was responsible for the hit songs such as Proud Mary, River Deep – Mountain High, A Fool in Love, and What’s Love Got To Do With It. Throughout her career, Tina Turner sold over 200 million records all across the … Read more

Artist Profile: Janet Jackson

Born on May 16, 1966, Janet Damita Jo Jackson or more popularly known as Janet Jackson is a songwriter, singer, dancer, actress, and an icon in the pop culture. Aside from her hit songs, she is also known for her elaborate stage shows and sexually provocative songs. Throughout her career, Janet Jackson … Read more

Top 80s Boy Bands

It seems like ever since the Beatles became famous, almost every decade started to produce a special group of boys that perform pop music with perfectly blended voices and catchy tunes. Over the years, the concept of boy bands has evolved and it seems like every generation has its classics. Some of … Read more

Artist Profile: Stevie Ray Vaughan

A musician, record producer, singer, and songwriter, Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of the most influential musician that revived blues music in the 1980s. That’s why he is hailed as one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Throughout his career, he was able to win ten American Music Awards, six … Read more

Artist Profile: Public Enemy

Formed in 1986 in Long Island, New York, Public Enemy is a hip hop group that consists of Flavor Flav, DJ Lord, Keith Schocklee, and Chuck D. Keith. They are popularly known for their politically charged music, their active interest in the concerns of the African American community, and their criticism of … Read more