Ranked: Best Boy Bands of All Time

A boy band is a group of male singers whose members are typically in their teens or early 20s, perform pop music, and are marketed to appeal to young females. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the music industry was saturated with boy bands, such as The Jackson 5 and Backstreet … Read more

What is Folk Rock?

Folk music has been around for ages, which is why there have been many subgenres of it that have been developed throughout the years. However, one of the subgenres that stood out the most was folk rock, a style of music that combines the clean and calming sounds of folk with the … Read more

What is Shock Rock?

There have been many peculiar and obscure music genres that have been developed over the years, but none is as over-the-top and exotic as shock rock. This weird genre of music mixes punk rock or alternative rock with horror elements like blood, gore, and other elements that you would usually find as … Read more

History of Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and blues, also called rhythm & blues or R&B, is a type of music genre predominantly performed in the African communities during the 1940s. Rhythm and blues was also responsible for developing subsequent genres, notably rock and roll, doo-wop, disco, and hip hop or rap music, among many others. Where did … Read more

What Is “Easy Listening” Music?

Have you encountered a piece of particular music on the radio – something that’s pleasant enough to the ears but not too intrusive to demand your attention? If that’s the kind of music you’ve heard, it may be classified as “easy listening.” What defines “easy listening” music? Easy listening music is designed … Read more

History of Britpop

Britpop is a musical and cultural movement that emerged in the United Kingdom in the mid-1990s. The emphasis of Britpop is Britishness, as its subjects focus on British concerns and British pride.  Musically, it is characterized by melodic, guitar-based pop tunes, drawing consciously on the tradition of British pop music of the … Read more

The History of Ska

Ska is truly a unique Jamaican contribution to the music world, along with rocksteady and reggae, to which it is a precursor.  Ska combines other musical genres, such as Caribbean mento, calypso, American jazz, and rhythm and blues. It distinguishes itself from the different genres because of its “walking” bass lines, accented … Read more

The History of Shoegaze

Rock music doesn’t always have to be rough, gritty, or riddled with obvious rage. It can also be dreamy, heavenly, obscure, and passive-aggressive. These are some of the key characteristics of “shoegaze,” a rock music movement that emerged from the United Kingdom. It reached its peak of popularity from the late 1980s … Read more

The History of New Wave

It’s incredible to think that music comes in many styles and forms that appeal either to the broader audience or to a particular type of audience. Rock and pop music have branched out to different styles, including new wave. New wave emerged onto the music scene during the late 1970s and early … Read more

History of Industrial Music

Industrial music is a music genre that has transgressive, harsh, and proactive themes as well as sounds. Music enthusiasts call this genre the most aggressive and abrasive mix of electronic music and rock with a blend of avant-garde electronics experiments as well as a punk provocation. The name industrial music was made … Read more

The History of Techno Music

From being an underground movement to being (a brief) mainstream phenomenon, the reception towards techno music is as evolving as the sound itself. Techno is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that is distinctive for its repetitive patterns and a strong emphasis on rhythm. It follows the common time (4/4) and … Read more

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