Some of the World’s Most Beautiful National Anthems

US national anthem at the 2016 USL playoffs

A national anthem sums up a country’s history, culture, and tradition. Despite being only a few minutes long (usually), national anthems have achieved a lot more than any other type of music you can think of. Most national anthems speak of fighting for independence, while others sing praises for their leaders. A … Read more

Lounge or Blues: Which Music Genre is Best for a Casino?

Music sets the mood for everything, especially when you are looking forward to an evening of gambling. A Las Vegas casino sets the atmosphere with pulsating rock music or soothing lounge tunes. The right environment sets the mood for the gamblers and affects behavior towards the games. In the right gaming atmosphere … Read more

Guide to the Top Country Music Artists of the 80s

Just like rock and roll, country music stumbled upon crossroads during the 1980s. This is because it was the era where the pop-country genre became an even bigger economic force. Which is why it’s easy to see that the ’80s was a transitional decade for country music. This was a time when … Read more

Guide to the Top R&B and Hip Hop Music Artists of the 80s

The 80s is often hailed as the ‘golden age of hip-hop,’ and it’s really not hard to see why. Several artists such as Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash. Run DMC and the Furious Five are just some of the groups and artists that changed the face and history of rap and hip-hop forever. … Read more

What is J-Pop?

Japanese pop music or J- Pop, which is known both in and outside of Japan, is a mainstream genre of music in Japan which has a large cult following all across the globe. While J-pop earned its reputation and status in the early 1990s, it gained its first following in the 1960s. … Read more

What Was the Red Wave of Soviet Rock?

Back in the 1980s, life in the Iron Curtain was slowly beginning to change. Pepsi products were the first Western product to ever hit the Soviet grocery store shelves, and they are starting to welcome tourists in. But along with this piece of freedom, the State could no longer control the underground … Read more

Top Places to Visit for Rock and Music History

Rock music is a big part of our world’s story. In this article, we’re going to take you on a trip to some amazing spots. Imagine standing in famous music halls where history was made or walking through the same studios where your favorite songs were recorded. Picture visiting Liverpool, where The … Read more

The Musical Legacy Of Motown Records

Music has enjoyed unprecedented growth and development over the course of human history, and as with everything popular, music too is regulated by published under various names. There is no shortage of record labels out there, but often only the biggest ones are actually really known about. One record label that has … Read more

History of Music In Detroit

Detroit — the hometown of Madonna, Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin, has a proud musical legacy to offer. Throughout the 20s to the 80s, many pioneers and trailblazers including, singers, musicians, and performers who lived here, influenced and shaped multiple music genres as we know them today. The history of Detroit’s music … Read more

A Guide to Music Museums in the U.S

Take a journey through America’s music museums to explore the country’s rich musical history. From jazz and blues to classical and rock, these museums offer a look into the lives of famous musicians, the development of music technology, and the songs that have marked different times. This guide will lead you through … Read more

Guide to The Music Museums Of Memphis Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee, often hailed as the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Home of the Blues, is a pivotal landmark on the map of America’s musical landscape. This vibrant city on the banks of the Mississippi River has played a significant role in shaping the course of popular music worldwide, with … Read more

Guide to the Music Museums of Nashville Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, is a city famous for its vibrant music scene, often called “Music City.” It’s a place where the history of music is woven into the very fabric of the city, from the bustling streets to the cozy corners where musicians strum their guitars. Nashville is home to many artists and … Read more

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