The Influence of Destiny’s Child on R&B

Destiny's Child at a concert 

Destiny’s Child, also known as Girl’s Tyme, was a girl group whose final line-up comprised Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé Knowles, and Michelle Williams. In 1990, this group started their career under the name Girl’s Tyme in Houston, Texas.  At first, the group had four girls, including LaTavia Roberson, Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and … Read more

The History of Napster

Napster running under Mac OS 9. 

For better or worse, Napster changed the music industry. It cannot be denied that this online service paved the way for music to become easier to access and widely available online. Napster started a revolution in the digital music industry by setting the music free, which has allowed for the quick and … Read more

Is Radio Still Popular?

A silver retro radio set on a window sill 

Radio has been there for decades; before the advent of televisions, radio was the only source of entertainment for most people. However, even after television was introduced, the importance of radio didn’t get less. Recall any teen movie from the 1980s or 90s; you will remember at least one scene where the … Read more

The Legacy of the Supremes

The Supremes in 1967

The Supremes were the female singing group that changed the way people of America viewed black music and artists. Formerly known as ‘The Primettes,’ The Supremes became the first female singing group to gain popularity. The founders of The Supremes include Florence Ballard, Diana Ross, and Mary Wilson, who sang 12 singles … Read more

All about the ’60’s Band Cream

Members of the Cream band, Clapton, Bruce, and Baker.

The band ‘Cream’ wasn’t just another rock trio but also the first-ever ‘supergroup,’ i.e., a group formed after each member has already achieved fame individually. The band was known for their incredible live improvisations and long jam sessions. Their music was a blend of blues, rock, hints of jazz, and psychedelic rock; … Read more

The History of the Byrds

David Crosby, Gene Clarke, Michael Clark, Chris Hillman, and Jim McGuinn of the Byrds

The 1960s was an outstanding decade. It brought about drastic changes to almost every field of life. It was when baby “boomers” were being born while the youth was trying out new things. Fashion, entertainment, music, you name it, and the 60s had it. Music in the 1960s was booming. Bands like … Read more

The First Rock ‘n Roll Song

A band performing live in a concert

Music has paved its way to the world since prehistorical times. However, the origin of music is still not known. Some people relate it to be originated since the advent of language. Music expresses emotions in a novel yet melodious manner. To date, many different categories of music have been introduced and … Read more

History of Cassette Tapes

Cassette with its tape out

How do people listen to music these days? As odd as this question might sound, it serves a bigger purpose. If your answer is along the lines of “on their phones with earphones tucked in” or “streaming online on their computers,” you are correct. But what about listening to music before the … Read more