How Did the Chilean Miners Survive?

Rescue efforts at the Copiapo mine on 10 August 2010

The tragedy of the Chilean miners who were buried 2,300 feet underground for 69 days gripped the globe in 2010. As rescuers worked tirelessly to bring the miners to safety, the entire world held its breath. However, the actual heroes of this extraordinary narrative were the miners themselves, who managed to survive … Read more

What are the Benefits of Using Binoculars?

There are some instances where our eyes aren’t able to give us a clear vision or a better view of particular objects or places, especially if they are far away from us. Fortunately, there is a tool or device that we can use so that we can easily view faraway subjects. This … Read more

Where Should You Move if You Want to Survive the Apocalypse?

Survival in a post-apocalypse world has been the focus of many movies and novels. But nowadays, the threat of an apocalypse brought forth by global warming or the use of nuclear weapons is only too real. This possibility of disaster at a global scale has people worried about their own future and … Read more

The Art of Food Foraging

With various food sources available – from local farmers markets to small groceries to big supermarket chains – it’s apparent that gathering food in the wild is a practice forgotten by most people. Thus, this practice of searching, gathering, and preparing wild food – known as food foraging – is now seen … Read more

How to Survive When You’re Lost in a City

Being lost is one of the most uncalled mishaps to take place in everyday human life. The amount of anxiety you experience when you get lost in a city is immense. The busy roads and tall buildings towering over your head strike a tingly feeling in your stomach. Surviving in a city … Read more

How to Survive in the Woods

From car breakdowns in the dark to being stranded alone in the wilderness and losing GPS connections for a walk-out, being embroiled in the classic battle of Man versus Wild is more common than you might think. Some people even put themselves in such situations to come out stronger.  Therefore, if you … Read more

How Can You Live Off the Grid in the City?

Most people think that it’s impossible to live off the grid in the suburbs and city. But, you can actually be prepared for the worst even if you do not move to the boondocks or buy a farm. It is possible to be ready even wherever you live, and you can survive … Read more

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