How Deep Do Beginner Scuba Divers Go?

Scuba dive training in the pool with a smiling instructor

Do you dream of exploring the depths of the ocean and seeing all the wondrous creatures that lurk beneath its surface? Are you a beginner scuba diver wanting to explore but not sure how deep you can go? Then you have certainly arrived at the right post. In this article, we’ll look … Read more

Where Should You Move if You Want to Survive the Apocalypse?

Survival in a post-apocalypse world has been the focus of many movies and novels. But nowadays, the threat of an apocalypse brought forth by global warming or the use of nuclear weapons is only too real. This possibility of disaster at a global scale has people worried about their own future and … Read more

The Art of Food Foraging

With various food sources available – from local farmers markets to small groceries to big supermarket chains – it’s apparent that gathering food in the wild is a practice forgotten by most people. Thus, this practice of searching, gathering, and preparing wild food – known as food foraging – is now seen … Read more

How to Survive When You’re Lost in a City

Being lost is one of the most uncalled mishaps to take place in everyday human life. The amount of anxiety you experience when you get lost in a city is immense. The busy roads and tall buildings towering over your head strike a tingly feeling in your stomach. Surviving in a city … Read more

How to Survive in the Woods

From car breakdowns in the dark to being stranded alone in the wilderness and losing GPS connections for a walk-out, being embroiled in the classic battle of Man versus Wild is more common than you might think. Some people even put themselves in such situations to come out stronger.  Therefore, if you … Read more

What Is 999 Key

After locking the door, you think that you are safe. But are you really? Here comes the issue, lock bumping. Nowadays lock bumping has become a great concern for all of us. It has threatened our security and made the use of pin tumbler locks doubtable. Thieves use 999 key to bump … Read more

The Biggest Bunkers Built in History

Bunkers are ‘tried and tested’ defensive military facilities that can protect the people and essential items against bomb attacks. Superpower countries invest in building advanced bunker systems since many countries are now capable of waging nuclear and biological attacks. Here is a look at the top seven biggest bunkers ever built on … Read more

The Biggest Plagues in History

If study history, you will find out that apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, many plagues caused havoc to humankind in the earlier times.  Due to poor medical science, thousands to millions of people have died due to the pandemics of ancient times. Here are the top 10 of the biggest plagues ever recorded … Read more