Sports Records That Will Never Be Broken

Sports Records

Many sports records are an exception which proves the rule that records are meant to be broken. Such records are deemed impossible to break or surpass, and many feel they will stand the test of time. These unbreakable records, therefore, have transformed these players into immortal legends. Here is our gallery of … Read more

Learn Baseball Lingo

Enrich your baseball knowledge with baseball lingo Before you can start enjoying Baseball and picking out your favorite baseball teams, you should first get to know more about the game. Learning baseball fundamentals and of course the language that are applied in the sport will be very helpful. There are special and … Read more

Summary of Baseball Positions

Learn a bit more about baseball positions If you have been watching the game of baseball, you might have trouble understanding the defensive positions. Unlike other sports, baseball players play both offense and defense. There are 9 men playing on a baseball team in each game. Occasionally, a man gets hurt and … Read more

The History of the Baseball (the actual ball)

The baseball ball is one of the most iconic objects in the sporting realm. Ever since the first ever baseball was advertised in the 1850s, it has become an essential part of the sport.  The ball went through several transformations in the 19th century. Therefore, the kind of baseball you see on … Read more

Professional Sports in Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex

Sports scene in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex There are several professional sports teams in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex. Their rich history has provided entertainment and inspiration to many generations of local residents. There are five major sports teams that cover the five major sports football, basketball, soccer, baseball and hockey. There are also … Read more

Professional Sports in Bay Area

San Francisco is located along the bay on the Pacific Ocean and is ranked the 14th largest city in the United States with mover than 8.3 million residents. San Francisco Bay Area is made up of nine California counties which also border it. The major cities of San Francisco, San Jose, and … Read more

Top Baseball Players of All Time

Who are in this list? This hub compiles a list of top baseball players who have made the history in this sport with its most eventful moments. This may be based on their overall career stats, special achievements, and their contributions and impact to baseball as a whole. It’s expected that not … Read more

The Fundamentals of Baseball

Getting to the basics Baseball, as we all know, is America’s national sport and pastime. But those who have watched baseball for the first time may be confused with the way the game is played. The fundamentals of baseball are of the utmost importance to those who want to play the game. … Read more

Overview of the USSSA Organization

The rise and fall, and the rise again of USSSA Organization This proud baseball organization was founded in 1968 with the original intention of being a slo-pitch softball association. This idea eventually grew into a multi-sport association with ties all over the world. In their first year they appointed 41 district directors … Read more

The Importance of a Good Pitching Repertoire

A good pitcher in the major leagues will normally have pitches that he can throw with command, power, and confidence. This is important because to maximize your effectiveness and be able to throw a higher percentage of strikes. When young baseball players first start out pitching, most of them are all about … Read more

The History of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Introduction to the Los Angeles Dodgers The Los Angeles Dodgers are an American professional baseball team. They are members of the National League West division of Major League Baseball. Like many other major league baseball teams, the Dodgers have had their share of ups and downs, victories and defeats, injuries, trades, and … Read more

The History of Wrigley Field

How did Wrigley Field begin? Wrigley Field has an illustrious history that dates back the year tumultuous year of 1914. This year was an infamous one because the USA joined in World War I. The establishment of Wrigley Field announced to the rest of the world, that, despite being in a terrible … Read more

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