The Frustrations of Youth Pitching

The Frustrations of Youth Pitching

Pitching… Most likely the hardest thing about the game known for constant failure – baseball. It is the most precise thing I have ever had to do in school or sports. Are you frustrated with pitching, or know someone who is? If so, you are not alone. I am going to share … Read more

The History of the Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

From Ohio to Boston The Boston Red Sox is one of the most famous teams in American baseball. Like most baseball teams in the US, they participate in the Major Baseball League, and the East Division of the American League. They have appeared twelve times in the World Series and have won … Read more

History of the New York Yankees

New York Yankees

Origins of the New York Yankees The New York Yankees team is one of the most popular and most fabled teams, not only in the history of baseball, but also in the whole American sports history. This baseball franchise has been around for over a hundred years. The Yankees found its roots … Read more

Different Types of Major League Pitches

Different Types of Major League Pitches

There are a lot of different pitches in the game of baseball. This article will discuss many, if not all of the pitches used in major league baseball. These pitches have been developed over time and have been tried by every major league pitcher in the history of baseball. Four Seam – … Read more

Cy Young: The Greatest Pitcher Baseball has Ever Seen

Cy Young

  Denton True Young was born on a farm in Gilmore Ohio to a former Civil War Private and his wife. At a young age Denton and his brothers were smitten by the game of baseball. They would sometimes travel twenty miles either on foot or horseback to play a single game. … Read more

History of ESPN

History of ESPN

A sports television giant ESPN stands for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.” It is a cable and satellite network channel that serves millions of households in the United States, contributing to its enormous success. The first and only 24-hour sports cable channel, it’s the go-to destination for millions of American sports fans. … Read more

The Grand Slam – what’s the big deal?

The Grand Slam

Male Grand Slam winners If you’re Rod Laver or Don Budge (back in 1938) you’re the only male singles champions to win the Grand Slam which includes the US Open, Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the French Open. It literally criss-crosses the world and changes from clay to grass for the court. … Read more

Profile of Bo Jackson – An Amazing Athlete

Bo Jackson

He’s not called the Amazing Bo Jackson for nothing Jackson has played not only one, but two sports, at least on the professional level – and even so, he was successful in both fields (pardon the pun). The multi-faceted athlete has played professional baseball and football, and has earned the rare distinction … Read more