Strange Methods From History To Tell Your Future

Fortune Telling

Even though fortune telling is an old or ancient practice, it is still quite popular today in the modern age of technology, where almost anything is possible. One of the reasons why fortune telling is popular even in today’s era is because people are still eager to find out what the future … Read more

The Mysterious Pareidolia

Sometimes, it’s fun when your eyes play tricks on you. You see “faces” staring back at you from a power plug, a cabinet, or a potato. Or you see the likeness of Jesus Christ in the clouds or a guy’s face on the surface of the moon. This phenomenon is called pareidolia, … Read more

The Mysterious Crooked Forest in Poland

“Nature is always mysterious and secret in her use of means; and art is always likest her when it is the most inexplicable,” wrote 19th-century English writer John Ruskin.   We now have the most modern and advanced science to help us figure things out. But the universe still leaves us with perplexing … Read more

Strange, Unusual and Unexplained Artifacts

The world is full of mysteries that don’t just seem to end. Much of it can be seen in the form of different types of artifacts. Some of these are so unusual that a person may have infinite questions with no answers to them. These unexplained artifacts are truly astonishing which is … Read more

Learn about the Strange, Unusual, and Creepy Worms

Many people only talk about common earthworms when they think about worms. Earthworms are common organisms and exist classified into three types.  However, there are types of them and, some are creepy and strange. The types of worms, such as flatworms and segmented worms, are strange, unusual, and will undoubtedly frighten you … Read more

Learn About The Amazing, Strange, and Unusual Synchronous Fireflies

Fireflies are truly one of the most fascinating creatures. Although they attack humans when aggressive, they are sometimes good too. There are multiple species of fireflies and one of the oddest ones are the Synchronous Fireflies. Due to their unique properties and particular ways of synchronizing, many people are surprised when they … Read more

Check Out These Strange and Unusual Churches

Buildings and other large showcases of infrastructure are truly an astonishing sight to see, particularly for people who love travel and tourism. However, some buildings are not famous for their architecture, rather they are known for their odd features and unique stories which have made them somewhat suspicious as well. Surprisingly, religious … Read more