Amazing Abandoned Train Stations to Visit Around the World

an abandoned train platform in India

Trains and train stations are some of the most important achievements by humanity, as they play a vital role in driving development and enhancing people’s daily life. The first train station emerged in Wales in 1807, and from that point on, train stations sprouted all across the globe. As trains became a … Read more

Amazing Architecture and Buildings in Illinois

In the vast prairie lands of the Midwest, Illinois rises with an exceptional architectural identity, a labyrinth of design extending from Chicago’s famous skyline to the quaint structures of its smaller cities. This piece delves into a journey through the state’s rich and varied architectural landscape, illuminating the cultural tapestry woven into … Read more

Learn About These Amazing Abandoned Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers have always been symbols of human ambition and architectural marvels. However, not all skyscrapers stand the test of time. For various reasons, some of them are abandoned and left to decay. These abandoned skyscrapers tell stories of grandeur, economic downturns, and changing urban landscapes. Let’s explore some of these amazing abandoned … Read more

Learn About Kolmanskop – A Ghost Town In Southern Africa’s Namib Desert

Situated at about 12 kilometers outside the town of Luderitz, lies the captivating Kolmanskop Ghost Town. It was once inhabited by a thriving community of over 1,200 individuals, comprising approximately 700 families. The town’s history tells a tale of immense wealth, prosperity, and sudden decline.  A visit to Kolmanskop provides a spooky understanding of … Read more

Learn About The Abandoned Ukrainian Town Of Pripyat

Once a model town, Pripyat stood out as one of the rare locations in the former Soviet Union where luxuries like Chanel No. 5 were available. However, the passage of time has transformed this once thriving community into a haunting and eerie landscape. Today, tourists wander through a deserted town filled with … Read more

Learn About The Abandoned Six Flags In New Orleans, Louisiana

In the middle of New Orleans, Louisiana, a strange and interesting place has drawn the attention of locals and tourists. The empty Six Flags amusement park is a sad memory of a once fun and exciting place. Its story is one of strength and tragedy, leaving behind an eerie atmosphere that continues … Read more

Learn About The Abandoned Residential Development Burj Al Babas In Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its beautiful and extravagant landscapes. In fact, tucked away in the beautiful hills of Mudurnu is an even more amazing sight; the infamous abandoned residence project – Burj al Babas. Mainly, this ambitious project was supposed to be a luxurious housing development with architecturally designed homes that looked … Read more

What Happens To Abandoned Mausoleums?

In the past, mausoleums were primarily constructed to honor and house the remains of influential leaders or individuals of significance. However, as time passed, smaller mausoleums gained popularity among the gentry and nobility. During the Roman Empire, these structures could be found in necropoles or along roadsides, such as the via Appia … Read more

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