Amazing and Unusual Roman Mythology Stories

Aside from their great architectures and astounding sights, Rome is also known for its mystical stories about their origination and their legendary Gods which they represented through visual arts and literature. From heroism and divine law to supernatural elements, Roman mythology has them all. Here’s an article about the famous, amazing, and … Read more

Interesting Countries that have Vanished in the Last Century

There are thousands of countries, cities, and towns that have vanished to time. Some of the countries just decided to merge, split, or change their names that’s why the list of “missing” countries grows. These nations were once conquered and fell to invaders and over the century, they have changed to become … Read more

The World’s Most Strange and Unusual Birds

Doves, chicken, crows, they’re all birds that you’ve heard of. How about Frogmouth, Kakapo, and Oilbird? You’re probably thinking these are made-up words. News flash! They’re not! Our planet is home to over 10,000 bird species! We’re living among the most exotic and unique creatures and we don’t even know it. Not … Read more

Amazing and Unusual Inventions of the Mayans

The Maya are groups of indigenous people in Mexico and Central America. They are often mistakenly thought to have long died out but their descendants are still inhabiting most of the lands in Campeche, Tabasco, Yucatan, and Chiapas in Mexico. And even if we know them as the Maya’s surviving descendants, they … Read more

Strange and Unusual Fads from History

From Pokemon Go, planking, twerking, and Snapchat filters, almost all of us are guilty when it comes to succumbing to at least one weird fad that has become popular throughout the years. But long before these strange fads were the thing, our folks had more bizarre was to pass their time. Maybe … Read more

The Strangest and Most Unusual Spiders on Planet Earth

There are a lot of people who are creeped out by spiders. In fact, about thirty percent of the people in America are afraid of them. Who wouldn’t right? With those multiple big eyes and eight long legs. But those are not enough to describe most spiders because Scientists frequently discover new … Read more

Strange and Unusual Facts and Myths About the Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is full of one remarkable fact after another. Do cats really have nine lives? Does licking a toad’s back can really get you high? And do vampire bats have the ability to donate blood? Keep on reading because we are here to debunk some strange and unusual facts and … Read more

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