The Interesting History of the Candy Bar

Candy Bars, also known as Chocolate Bars, is a famous confection around the world. Made out of Cocoa, sugar, milk, along with the other ingredients, these are the vitals in the making of chocolatey candy bars that would satiate every sweet-tooth of the sweets lovers. Origin of Candy Bars The first-ever candy … Read more

Unusual History of Rodeos

Unusual History of Rodeos

The Interesting History of Rodeos A rodeo is one of the most exciting and intense sports that are popular in many countries like Spain, South America, Central America, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a sport that involves calf-roping, steer wrestling, bull riding, and more other events that require … Read more

The Interesting History of Aquariums

Aquariums are the enclosed and transparent vivarium where a portion or a small part of an underwater ecosystem is kept. The word aquarium – which was coined by an English Naturalist, Philip Henry Gosse, came from the Latin word “aqua” means water and a suffix “arium,” which means “a place for relating … Read more

The History of Roller Coasters

Origin of Roller Coasters Roller Coaster is an intense ride that can give a thrilling experience to those who are thrill-seekers. Almost every Amusement Parks never failed to satiate the daring side of people by providing rides such as Roller Coasters that could give your stomach a hard tug, especially when the … Read more

Oldest Known Names in the World

Oldest Known Names in the World

Throughout history, humans have used names to identify and distinguish themselves from others. The oldest known names in the world date back thousands of years and provide a fascinating glimpse into ancient civilizations. These names have been passed down through generations and continue to be used in various forms today.  Imagine the … Read more

The Strange Theory of the Homunculus

the term homunculus was coined by Paracelsus

There have been many strange and peculiar theories that have been developed and studied over the years, but one of the most popular theories is the one involving a creature called the homunculus. The homunculus is a small human-like creature with body parts that resemble those found in a person, although it … Read more

The Greatest Expeditions in History

The Greatest Expeditions in History

Our world, as we know it, would not be the same without the work of different explorers in our history. It is all written in our history books the names and expeditions of the brave people who explored the vast oceans during the early times. Apparently, it seems pretty challenging as it … Read more

The Oldest Wineries in the World

Oldest Wineries

Alongside beer, wine is one of the oldest known existing beverages since time immemorial. The history of wine dates as far back as 8,000 years ago. Archaeological finds have revealed the use of wine in a variety of activities during ancient times, particularly in religious rituals. In 2007, archaelogists uncovered what could … Read more

What Are the Oldest Pizzerias?

Oldest Pizzerias

Pizza is one of the best-loved dishes in the world. It is easy to eat, it is versatile, and (unless you’re Italian, perhaps), you can top it with anything that your heart desires. There’s even a dessert pizza! Like many other famous dishes that have put a stamp on the culinary world, … Read more

The Oldest Songs in the World

Hurrian hymn

Music has existed for at least 55,000 years and is found in every culture in the world. It is not a surprise, as music is one of the fundamental expressions that are unique to humanity. Although there may have been songs that existed far back in human history, the earliest songs only … Read more

The Oldest Breweries in the World

beer being poured in a glass

Beer is one of the ancient beverages in the world, so it might not be surprising that there had been breweries established way, way back then. But what is surprising is that some of the oldest breweries are still existing – and boy, are we glad they’re still here! Believe it or … Read more

The Strange and Unusual Life of Violet Jessop

Violet Jessop in her Voluntary Aid Detachment uniform while assigned to the HMHS Britannic

Violet Jessop was one lucky individual. Jessop (b. 1887 – d. 1971) was an Irish-Argentine stewardess and nurse who survived not only one, not even two, but three shipwrecks. Because of her amazing close shaves from some of the most catastrophic disasters in maritime history, historians usually call her the “world’s most … Read more