The Solar Storm of 1859 and an Amazing Carrington Event

The Solar Storm of 1859 and an Amazing Carrington Event

There are lots of calamities and disasters that occur on our planet such as major storms that can flood cities and earthquakes that can destroy infrastructures. But did you know that there’s an even bigger event that could hit us which can wipe out our technology? Yes, and that is a solar … Read more

Strange and Unusual Ancient and Lost Worlds

Archaeologists and Historians are not always just sitting around reading history books, or researching the ordinary and mundane. While much of their time is spent unearthing ancient ruins or human remains, they often discover unexpected objects and findings, and sometimes some of these discoveries are controversial and bizarre – from seemingly alien … Read more

Strange and Bizarre Historical Medical Treatments

Whenever we get sick or acquire injuries, we immediately go to the hospital or find a doctor that will treat us. We trust doctors to provide the diagnosis and recommend the remedy. But did you know that history is filled with stories about curious formulations, outlandish remedies, and strange cures? If you’re … Read more