Exploring Some of the World’s Best Music Scenes and Festivals

Parade in Music carnival

If you’re a music buff you certainly keep tap on all the festivals and events related to music. With so many genres to explore, music has a way to connect people’s culture and traditions. From twang of the guitar to beat of the table, music has mesmerized its aficionado of every era. … Read more

What are the most popular web serial novels of all time?

Web serial novels—sometimes referred to as “webfiction” or the “online novel”—are the prose equal of webcomics, which also happen to contain unique Story Arcs. A novel is posted online by a writer, typically an amateur, in several brief chapters (frequently daily or weekly). Quite frequently, the work in question is some kind … Read more

What were the most successful books in the past 200 years?

Since ancient times, books have been an essential component of human culture, acting as a channel for the passage of ideas, knowledge, and stories from one generation to the next. A staggering number of literary works have caught the attention of millions of readers throughout the past 200 years. The world of … Read more

What are the Scariest Paintings

Art has the power to touch, motivate, enthrall, disturb, and even frighten people. When people think about art, they usually think of beautiful nature sceneries, antique structures, fascinating flowers, and pleasantly rural landscapes. However, some of the greatest, most intriguing, and thought-provoking art has come from the deepest regions of the mind, those … Read more

Why the Vikings Left Greenland?

Greeland is one of the most mysterious places in the world. Part of what keeps it a mystery is that no one clearly knows why the Vikings left Greenland and where did they disappear? The discovery of recent evidence has offered the researchers a different view of what might have gone down … Read more

The Similarities Between Greek and Roman Mythology

For centuries, people have been following Greek and Roman mythology. There was a time when these mythologies were mere theories but as time passed and more evidence was discovered. It was found that the two featured several similarities and differences.  Both mythologies have gods known for their respective powers along with strong … Read more

The Importance of Minerva in Roman Mythology

Minerva in Roman mythology is a goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. Law, justice, victory, and the sponsor of trade, arts, and strategy. Unlike Mars, who is a supporter of violence, Minerva is only about defensive war.  The Romans from the second century onwards associated Minerva with the Greek goddess Athena. Since … Read more

Pluto: The Dark Lord of the Underworld

According to classical Mythology, Pluto was the ruler of the underworld. Initially, its name was Hades, which was later changed to Pluto. In ancient Greek religion and philosophy, Pluto is a God that presides over the afterlife. At the same time, Plouton was regularly associated or confused with Pioutos, who was a … Read more

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