Learn About the Science Behind Making Wine

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Winemaking is what the production of wine is called. It is also called enology, which is the science of all aspects of winemaking and wine. However, enology does not study vine growing or harvesting of grapes, as those areas belong in the subfield of viticulture. A person who studies enology is an … Read more

Guide to Wine Tours

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There are many reasons people travel. It can be to discover new cultures and practice languages or to go out and admire scenic places and drink wine. Tasting wine from different countries allows travelers to make a true immersion in the history, aroma, and flavors of viniculture. This is why for many … Read more

Top 5 things to know about wine tasting

How to Plan For a Successful Wine Tasting Tour in Kentucky

Wine tasting, like most hobbies, takes practice and commitment to master. The proficiency you develop for wine tasting will result from how well you have trained your palate to recognize and appreciate subtle tones and notes of flavors, wine varieties, and tasting techniques. Knowing that there are no shortcuts to success, we’ve … Read more

Planning a Wine Tour in Spain

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When it comes to buying and drinking Spanish wine, most of us probably know the basics. For example, grilled meat is best paired with a glass of bold and plummy Rioja. Planning to throw a party? Buy Cava, Catalonia’s budget but bubbly wines. These kinds of things might be easy to memorize, … Read more

Planning a Wine Tour in Italy

Vineyards in Piedmont Italy

Italy ranks fifth in the world when it comes to wine consumption if some of you do not know. And they have been enjoying their relationship with wine for over a millennium. They love it so much that it became one of the most essential parts of their culture, economically, gastronomically, and … Read more

Learn About These Strange and Unusual Wines

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Wines are usually made with fermented grape juice. They come in varieties, too, such as red wine, white wine, and dessert wine. However, they can also get weird sometimes, especially those which are made of other ingredients, such as flowers, berries, vegetables, and other unlikely things that you won’t imagine can turn … Read more

What is a Dessert Wine?

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A dessert wine is a term that many people hear every now and then. However, people who do not know much about wines tend to get a little confused when they hear the term ‘dessert wine’. They often wonder what wine has to do with an after-dinner treat. Well, to answer that, … Read more

9 Amazing Ways to Sell Your Wine Online and Be Successful

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Move over, France. Get back in line, Spain. Know your place, Italy. When it comes to wine, (or, rather, wine consumption) the US comes out on top. Indeed, the United States drinks more of this divine beverage than any other country. 408 million cases of the stuff were sold in 2018 alone. That’s good news … Read more