Planning an Australian Wine Tour

Australia is another wonderful destination for those who are planning to go on a wine tour because there are a lot of large corporate vineyards as well as smaller boutique wineries here that are popular to tourists. Wine tasting and purchasing are enjoyed by tourists who visit Australia. Aside from that, you … Read more

Tips for Planning a Wine Tour in France

When it comes to French wine, there are three most popular terms that are associated with it which are Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy. Aside from being the traditional styles of wine, they are also the actual places or regions in France where these wines are produced. Since they are the big three … Read more

Unexpected Wine Destinations in the World

Where to go when you can savor the best champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and other world-class wines? Are you a true wine enthusiast always looking for that next adventure?  Sure, oenophiles will readily check out the top wine destinations like France, Spain, Italy, and Napa Valley/Sonoma Valley in the USA. But … Read more

Fun Facts About The Napa Valley

Aside for its wines (especially Cabernet Sauvignon wines), Napa Valley is also renowned the world over for its picturesque sights of the rolling hills, deep valleys and neat rows of grapevines. It also boasts fine diversified cuisine, dynamic arts and culture, and tourism. Check out more interesting facts about this Californian wine … Read more