9 Amazing Ways to Sell Your Wine Online and Be Successful

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Move over, France. Get back in line, Spain. Know your place, Italy. When it comes to wine, (or, rather, wine consumption) the US comes out on top. Indeed, the United States drinks more of this divine beverage than any other country. 408 million cases of the stuff were sold in 2018 alone. That’s good news … Read more

The Oldest Wineries in the World

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Alongside beer, wine is one of the oldest known existing beverages since time immemorial. The history of wine dates as far back as 8,000 years ago. Archaeological finds have revealed the use of wine in a variety of activities during ancient times, particularly in religious rituals. In 2007, archaelogists uncovered what could … Read more

Champagne: its History and Why It’s Used for Celebrations


As they say, “every champagne is sparkling wine, yet not every sparkling wine is champagne.” “Why?” you must have asked yourself. What’s the difference between the two? Isn’t champagne just a fancy name for sparkling wine? Well, you are wrong there: while sparkling wine is a kind of that which holds a … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Wine

Grapes have been turned as wine ever since the earliest civilizations. The great people of ancient history has been recorded drinking wine. And a chug of wine has been a source to some of the most brilliant (and some dumb) utterances from many prolific drinkers of the stuff. Since wine is a … Read more

Introduction to Wine Tourism

introduction to wine tourism

Wine tourism (also called enotourism or vinotourism) has changed the face of tourism. Where other types of tourism are passive in nature, wine tourism usually involves guests who visit wineries, engage in wine tastings, and walk in the vineyards. Tourists are even encouraged to take part in the harvest and stomp on … Read more

Interesting Facts about Wine

1. Drinking red wine in small doses is better than not drinking at all. You probably heard about the health benefits of drinking wine. But this fact may come as a surprise – many human trial studies have shown that moderate consumption of drinking red wine is better for you than not … Read more

The Top Wine Destinations in the World

Wine tasting is one of the best ways to spend a day or a weekend, and it has become a vacation itself. In the past years, wine tourism has become popular, and today, there are lots of wineries around the world that provide exquisite tasting rooms and as well as scenic vineyard … Read more

The 6 Strangest and Weirdest Things Wine Varieties Can Offer

Wines are perfect when it comes to party celebration and food pairing activities. The massive availability of wines makes every reason to celebrate the diverse flavors each brand has to offer. Each wine label may come in different bottles, but generally, wines come in either red or white. Every winemaker also makes … Read more