Causes of Wrist Injuries while Playing Golf


Golf is a sport involving club and ball where different types of clubs are used by players depending upon the stroke they want to play. Though golf appears to be a sport with limited physical activity when compared to other sports like football, cricket, and hockey, yet there are chances of wrist injuries and they could be serious.

In this post, we will discuss some of the key causes of wrist injuries that could occur while playing golf. In certain cases, a fracture in the wrist may also be seen and for that, Hand Plating System may be used. It won’t be wrong to say that golfers having wrist injuries are unable to play golf as wrist involvement is the most.

Causes of Wrist Injuries Golfers may Experience

While playing golf, when the club and ball meet, the wrist of the players suffers an impact and with time, an injury may occur. Let us see some of the causes resulting in this injury:

Overuse of the Wrist Joint

Now, as you know as wrist joint is the most involved one while playing golf and due to overuse, the player may develop an injury. This is the most common cause for the players who regularly play golf. Sometimes, fracture in the bone(s) involving the wrist joint may also be seen and surgery may be required to fix the fracture.

Impact Caused due to Hitting the Surface

While playing a shot, the golfer’s club may come in contact with the surface below. And when this happens, the impact caused to the wrist is high. If this happens regularly, the impact could hurt the wrist of the player and in serious cases, a wrist fracture may be seen. While in the case of moderate injuries, non-operative treatment like a splint application may be seen. Plus, the doctor may also prescribe medication (including analgesics and anti-inflammatory).

Hitting Out of Deep Rock

Sometimes, the golfer’s club may hit out of unnoticed or unforeseen rock and the impact caused could result in a serious wrist injury. This condition could also occur when the club hits the root before the ball. TFCC tears and tendonitis are a few of the most commonly seen injuries due to this cause. While on the other hand, the treatment will depend upon the seriousness or severity of the injury that occurred.

Poor Technique while Swinging the Club

Poor club holding technique may also result in serious wrist injuries and if the technique is not corrected, the player might suffer long-term complications in the wrist. For this, it is advised to seek the help of a reliable trainer

Past Injuries

Now, this is most common, golfers who have suffered from wrist injuries in the past are more susceptible to again experience pain and/or injury in the wrist. Here, the use of Orthopedic Implants and Instruments may be required during surgical treatment of the fracture.

If the players suffer continuous pain around the wrist, it is important to see an orthopedist without wasting much time. A delay might worsen the condition and long-term complications may also be experienced.

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