CBD 101: 5 Things to Know Before You Try CBD Oil

CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states. If you want to try CBD, now is the perfect time to head to a local CBD store and grab a bottle.

Trying to figure out what you need to know before you try CBD oil? We understand you might be concerned about how it is going to affect you, and whether it will help you feel better.

Continue reading this article to learn more about CBD oil before you give it a try.

1. CBD Oil Won’t Get You High

If you are worried you’re going to get high when you use CBD oil — have no worries. The reason you get high from marijuana is because of high levels of THC.

Since CBD doesn’t cause you to feel high, you can use CBD throughout the day when you’re with children, at work, or doing other important tasks. You don’t have to worry about being giddy or acting high because CBD oil won’t make you feel high.

2. CBD Oil Has Natural Benefits

Studies are still taking place to let people know about all the natural benefits of CBD oil.

Many people take CBD oil and notice major benefits in their quality of life. Some people report a reduction in pain, acne, inflammation, and other problems that commonly plague people.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of different mixes of CBD oil, and you need to see which type is going to be the best for what you are suffering from.

3. CBD Oil Doesn’t Need to Have THC in It

If you don’t want to have any THC in the CBD oil you buy, there are options that have 0 THC in it. While low levels of THC in CBD oil isn’t going to hurt you, it can concern some people with drug tests at work, so the non-THC options are available for you.

4. CBD Stays in Your System No Longer Than 2 Weeks

If you have a drug test and you’re worried that CBD is going to show up, you might be checking how long CBD stays in your system. Depending on your body, the CBD stays in your system for no longer than 2 weeks.

5. Checking for Purity and Potency

When you buy CBD, check your provider and make sure they have the best purity and potency. Not all CBD oil is created equal.

Ask the company you’re buying from to see their tests from a third-party lab. Have the lab check to make sure the CBD is free of contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria and fungus, and pesticides.

Try CBD With Confidence

Now you know more about CBD, and you can try CBD with confidence. CBD isn’t anything to be scared of and can help you wither various aspects of your physical and mental health.

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