CBD COVID – What You Need to Know in 2021?

Following more than 1 year after the onset of the COVID pandemic, leading institutions worldwide are still working on the discovery of effective solutions to help cure people, prevent the spread of the virus, and at least alleviate the symptoms. The solutions include vaccinations, prophylactic measures, various medications as well as alternative treatments. The pharmaceutical giant primarily involved in producing the solutions is Pfizer. Alongside obvious tools to combat this disease, some of the recent studies also showed the possible efficacy of CBD COVID when treating lung damage, immune system, and inflammation. Let’s dive into all information found concerning the CBD and COVID connection.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the components of cannabis, or most well-known as marijuana. CBD is derived from the hemp plant though it has nothing to do with “high effects” related to smoking marijuana. It concerns its medical property and has not been linked to any kind of abuse or dependence after a long-term intake of CBD. Nowadays, cannabidiol has been found effective for treating a variety of health conditions including mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia as well as chronic pain among others. Nevertheless, it is not a cure, as the first-line solutions are required alongside the intake of CBD COVID.

It is worth mentioning that CBD products are legal in most states, however, it concerns the products which contain only it. It may be various tinctures, oils, gums, creams, tablets, etc. The broadest assortment of CBD products involves beauty products. Skin, hair, nail health, and so on.

CBD COVID – What Has Been Found?

COVID-2019 is an infectious disease resembling pneumonia. Recent studies discovered that CBD COVID may enhance oxygen levels, alleviate inflammation, and/or lung damage. CBD works by balancing the apelin levels, a peptide known to affect the process of inflammation. Nevertheless, studies reported only assumptions, and there is more need to discover the correlation between peptide and CBD COVID efficacy in treating lung damage.

Other findings suggest that CBD has the potential to minimize the progression of COVID due to the ability of double-regulating two receptors for SARS-CoV2 in human epithelia, exerting immunomodulatory and antiviral effects, mitigating unbalanced cytokine production, as well as suppressing the onset of pulmonary fibrosis.

Finally, CBD COVID and THC together are believed to help patients with pathogenic inflammatory responses avoid the impact of coronavirus. Medical analytics have found that a combination of terpenes and cannabinoids are more effective than corticosteroid dexamethasone prescribed to alleviate COVID inflammation.

Until now, such studies and hypotheses are only under investigation, as the key discoveries are in the hands of pharmaceutical giants who compete to produce an effective vaccine. Thus, using CBD COVID-2019 does not seem so profitable for them. Still, the studies with CBD efficacy for COVID-19 have started emerging only recently, hence, more leading institutions or medical professionals are likely to study it more. As of now, the only found solution to stop the pandemic is a vaccine that is undergoing final trials and expected to be used worldwide in the nearest future after confirming its efficacy and safety.

CBD COVID – Lungs Health

Alongside the possible treatment of COVID, CBD has been long-time linked to benefits when it comes to lung health. For instance, CBD might be a go-choice to affect lung cancer, however, alongside first-line solutions. A few studies confirmed that THC and CBD COVID slowed the growth of cancerous cells in mice, and helped cancer cells to respond better to radiation therapy in adults. Beyond that, in 2019, one man declined the first-line treatment for his lung tumor and went for CBD COVID oil which resulted in significant improvements. On the other side, there were some studies where CBD also resulted in a progression of cancer, hence, it depends on the severity of symptoms and each individual health case.

Let’s not forget that lung cancer itself may manifest in a variety of symptoms that may be approached by the CBD. They include anxiety, nausea, fatigue, nerve pain, headaches among others. To get the highest therapeutic effect, you should take CBD COVID following the instructions mentioned on the label of the product, or discuss with your healthcare provider the dosing regimen for your particular case. Commonly, CBD COVID is not linked to any severe side effects, however, some unwanted sensations may result from the improper intake including dry mouth or sleepiness. Take it only as directed, and do not interact with other medications without getting your doctor’s approval.

Should You Use CBD Oil for Prophylactics of COVID?

It is a doubtful protective measure, however, it may occasionally boost your immune system and overall health. Of course, if you are in the group at risk of acquiring coronavirus, you should follow simple protective measures but the intake of CBD COVID may assist with the prevention. Otherwise, you may occasionally use CBD COVID for prophylactics of colds and other seasonal diseases but do not think it guarantees you 100% efficacy.

Note, if you are already assigned to a particular treatment for COVID, you should speak with your healthcare provider about the applicability of CBD alongside your current treatment plan. Otherwise, you may come across side effects or deterioration of your health conditions.

Where to Buy Premium CBD COVID Products?

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