CBD Energy Drinks: All You Should Know

Technology never disappoints. It has brought big things to the market. Traditionally, people were used to taking CBD oil through cookies, food, and capsules. However, that has changed. There is a new way of taking CBD oil. CBD oil in energy drinks is taking the cannabis industry by storm. So, what’s the hype about CBD oil in energy drinks? How do CBD oil energy drinks work? Are there benefits of taking CBD oil-based energy drinks? Well, these are some of the biggest questions this guide is going to answer. Keep reading!

Energy Drinks: Introduction

Energy drinks are supposed to offer the body more energy. Often, they contain glucose, caffeine, etc. Common energy drink brands include soda, Monster, Red bull, etc. Here are common components of energy drinks:


Most energy drinks contain caffeine. In most cases, the amount of caffeine in energy drinks is around 80mg per one cup of coffee.


Sugar is an important component of energy drinks. According to the stats, these energy drinks come with troubling and risk amount of sugar. In fact, they may contain 21+ teaspoons of sugar in one single bottle of 400 milliliters. Still more, the levels of caffeine in these energy drinks are considered risky in nature. According to experts, you should drink 9 teaspoons (for men) and 6 (for women) teaspoons of sugar.


Similar to amino acids, taurine is found in the bodies of humans and animals. This substance is contained in energy drinks. It’s important to note that an excessive amount of taurine in the body can cause dangerously low blood pressure. This makes conventional energy drinks unhealthy.

Vitamins B

The body requires energy to function. That’s why all energy drunks come with Vitamins B. Vitamin B helps the body convert food into usable energy. Most energy drinks contain various types of Vitamins B. Common types of Vitamins B in energy drinks include:

  • B12 and B6
  • B5 and B2
  • B3

However, the amount of Vitamins B in the energy drinks should be regulated. For instance, if the amount is excessive, problems may occur.

CBD And Hemp Seed Oil

ingredients in conventional energy drinks are unnatural. That’s why most people are no looking for natural energy drinks from CBD products. These energy drink options give users healthier alternatives. With these options, you won’t continue taking harmful ingredients often found in conventional energy drinks. It’s important to note that CBD contains energy-boosting qualities. This makes CBD-based products beneficial and safe. And that’s not all, CBD is a good anti-inflammatory agent. This makes CBD-based energy drinks very beneficial for those who are under workout programs. It will help them recover after workouts.

Why You Should Take CBD Based Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are all over. However, you know the effects of energy drinks. From insomnia, addiction, anxiety, conventional energy drinks contain caffeine that can make you dehydrated, dizzy, as well as disorganized. Now imagine replacing these energy drinks with something more natural like CBD-based drinks and getting the same effects. Exciting, right? Well, these are the things that CBD-based energy drinks bring to the table. These energy drinks will bring focus and more energy into your life. Besides giving you enjoy and focus, these products will help you beat depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation, etc.  Joy Organics is going to delve into the compelling reasons why you should think about taking CBD oil-based energy drinks today!

They Are Cost-Effective

CBD, unlike caffeine, is relatively cost-effective. According to experts, it costs a lot to fund an expensive caffeine-taking habit. CBD products are affordable. Plus, CBD oil isn’t addictive. This means that you can take it whenever you want. However, you must take caffeine every day because it’s highly addictive. Still more, CBD oil can be included in water, juice, as well as smoothies. You can purchase your CBD oil in bottles ranging from 15ml to 30 ml. Still more, a few drops can make you feel that real effect.


Unlike caffeine, the effects from CBD oil are quick and effective. You don’t need to wait for minutes to feel the effects. You get the energy within seconds. The rate at which CBD enters your bloodstream is much faster than conventional energy drinks. This is because it takes less time in the digestive system for mobilization. That’s why it comes with a higher bioavailability rater. The effects are almost felt immediately.

Avoid the Caffeine “Crash”

Conventional energy supplements are characterized by the eventual crash. This involves a groggy feeling after taking these energy drinks. Also, you may experience a minor headache. This is the case with common energy drinks. According to the research findings, they offer you short-term energy. Fortunately, CBD offers you long-lasting energy. In most cases, the energy can last up to 6 hours.

They Contain Lower Levels of Sugar

Sugar is abundant in conventional energy drinks. However, the good news is that CBD-based energy drinks come with low levels of sugar. CBD energy drinks are far much better than their fatty, sugar-based coffees.

They Enhance Mood

Energy drinks, when taken with alcohol, can lead to dangerous blood pressure. This is because they are consumed at higher rates. However, taking CBD will eliminate anxiety, depression, as well as insomnia. This gives you that good mood you need throughout the day. So, if you want your mood back, think CBD. Take CBD energy drinks. They are great mood boosters. However, be sure to get the dosage right. Start with smaller doses. It will help your body gets used before increasing the dosage.

Can Alleviate Pain

Increased stamina can significantly lighten your mood. However, those who live with body pain might not be able to enjoy this wonderful feeling. But with the help of CBD energy drinks, their pain can be managed more effectively. Consuming full-spectrum CBD can alleviate your pain and help you lead a better life.

It can be highly beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis, chronic pain, as well as, inflammation. When people suffering from these conditions consume full-spectrum CBD, they can regain their stamina and focus. Even more, CBD-based products are believed to be effective in treating cancer and fibromyalgia.

They Are Organic

Coffeeberry has powerful antioxidant properties. That’s why most manufacturers are blending it with CBD.  So, if you want something natural and ethically sourced, consider investing in CBD with coffeeberry.

Can Improve Productivity

Taking CBD can improve your focus and enhance your performance. As long as you consume it in moderation, CBD oil can go a long way in boosting your productivity. If you want to accomplish various tasks in less time, then it’s time you consider utilizing full-spectrum CBD oil.

Can Work for Everyone

CBD-infused energy drinks are an incredible supplement option for everyone. It can literally do something little for everyone. Both the young and old can experience the impact of increased vitality. Plus, it provides you with an amazing way to save more money. So, why not give them a try? These beverages can help you stay more alert and focused.

How to Purchase CBD Based Energy Drinks

There are a lot of products out there. Thus, it can be challenging to purchase the right CBD energy drinks. However, this doesn’t mean giving up on your energy booster. With research, you can purchase the right energy drink. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Conduct your research. Use Google to research your favorite drink. Check the reviews of that company. Ensure that you are purchasing your products from a reputable company.

Lab Tests

Request for lab tests of that company. With lab tests, you can be sure of the quality and safety of your drinks. Don’t purchase from companies that cannot give you access to lab tests.


Check the labeling of the energy drink. Ensure that you understand all the symbols in the labeling section.

CBD Source

You should know where the CBD was sourced from. Chose drinks from recommended CBD sources.

Key Takeaway

According to research, those who take energy drinks have a heightened risk for cardiac arrest, abnormal heart rate, and even death. Plus, consuming too many energy drinks can result in the development of type 2 diabetes. Thus, if you’re fond of these energy drinks, it’s time you consider switching to something better like CBD-infused drinks.

As opposed to other types of energy drinks, CBD-infused drinks don’t feature artificial; ingredients. Plus, they don’t contain unhealthy amounts of caffeine or sugar. They’re made of natural ingredients that make them safe for human consumption. Taking them regularly can significantly improve your overall well-being.

With CBD-infused beverages, you can rest assured that your energy naturally enhanced. You won’t develop anxiety, palpitations, or any other diseases. You’ll be able to stay focused while at the same time enjoying the other health benefits that CBD offers.

The Bottom-Line

Nowadays, you can take CBD in energy drinks. The above guide contains CBD in energy drinks. Get your drink today and enjoy the benefits of CBD oil.