CBD Suffers a Public-Image Nightmare

CBD as a product and as a substance is in the middle of a pitched public-image battle. Reports, like ones that came out of Menomonee Falls telling about two kids who suffered non-fatal overdoses of the substance, is a nightmare.  Why? Because CBD itself is very safe, but some brands are reportedly attempting to sneak THC into their CBD products which are billed as non-psychedelic.

While this trend is somewhat reminiscent of “check your kid’s candy on Halloween” the fact is that one bad apple CAN spoil the whole bunch and that parents interested in their children using CBD products must first ensure that what they are getting is high-quality and legitimate. Only afterward can you dive into the question of how old your kids may need to be or should be before trying CBD products.

Can Kids Use CBD Oil | How Old to Buy CBD

CBD, short of cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound that appears in hemp or marijuana plants. The product has seen widespread legalization throughout the United States, including in formerly stricter states like New York, and Florida.

Over the past few decades, the medicinal value of CBD oil has spread from alternative medicine advocates to Western research, to a wide swath of consumers in America and around the world.

CBD has been scrutinized carefully by a number of academics and doctors and while results vary, the general consensus is, simply put, that CBD works.

The primary uses of CBD include pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep. As well as other benefits including also inflammation reduction and other neuroprotective properties. CBD has exploded in popularity recently and is making its way into a number of different forms from simple tinctures, to capsules, gummies, drinks, and even foods. All of these new, youth-friendly applications have parents wondering if they should be thinking about CBD for their kids. Can CBD help with certain types of issues? And how old do you have to be to take CBD?

While many are interested in using CBD as an alternative to harsher pain relief medications or ones that can have known negative side-effects there still remain many questions like, for example, many parents wonder “How old to buy CBD?” As in, parents and those involved in treating certain conditions in children find CBD very promising. The reason being that it’s always a good thing if and whenever you can offer young people natural side-effect-free alternatives.

Benefits of CBD

Before looking specifically at how CBD works for kids or how old to buy CBD let’s explore some of the general known benefits of CBD.

As for the age-related question of CBD. The answer is slightly complex. But simply put, if you are talking about 100% pure CBD – as in a type of CBD oil or product that contains 0% THC then it’s perfectly legal to buy the product for your kid and most experts would likely agree that it’s perfectly safe, at least to try, because 100% pure CBD has no psychoactive properties. The issue arises because many types of CBD come with at least some percentage of THC – which is the compound within marijuana (and certain types of Hemp in small doses) that gets you high. This is where the ethical and medical questions come in because while THC-plus-CBD may have some psychoactive manifestations in kids, it also typically seems to WORK BETTER than just pure CBD. This better performance of CBD that contains at least some THC is often anecdotal reported but has not been studied in detail.

CBD For Pain Relief

CBD has been shown to effectively reduce chronic pain. Physiologically speaking, CBD works by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity. Many who take CBD report feeling results similar to or exceeding popular over-the-counter drug ingredients like ibuprofen. The major difference is that long-term use of CBD is not known to have the negative health consequences of ibuprofen or other widely used ingredients. This is one of the primary reasons that CBD is known to be good for chronic pain sufferers like those with arthritis or elite athletes who regularly experience muscle pain or soreness.

CBD For Anxiety Reduction

When you’re thinking about how old to buy CBD or how old your child SHOULD be before you are considering giving them CBD, the first thing to consider it what sort of issues you are trying to treat. According to research, CBD can help with anxiety reduction and may be a great natural and mild solution for young people suffering from anxiety. Nobody wants to see their kids struggle with nervousness relating to school or other simple social situations that should not any sort of mental stress but in cases of people with anxiety even simple social situations can cause major mental issues. It’s certainly worth exploring solutions to anxiety issues, the main consideration, though, has to be balancing benefits with potential side effects. In the case of using CBD for anxiety, the possible benefits are significant and the downsides are minimal. However, with that said you should still talk to your doctor or physician about your child’s anxiety and whether or not CBD may be a good choice.

CBD For Better Sleep

Lack of sleep has a long list of negative side effects. This includes mood issues, physical development issues, cognitive performance issues, emotional problems, and more. It is truly important for parents to monitor their children’s sleep and to ensure they are getting at least eight hours or more sleep per night. That number (eight hours) may be able to be reduced to roughly seven hours but for adults, but children really need their sleep and if taking a natural product like CBD can help them sleep better there are a variety of potential rewards.


Perhaps the most well-established benefit of CBD for kids relates to Epilepsy. There is enough research backing the claim that CBD can help reduce the symptoms of certain types of pediatric epilepsy to persuade even the FDA which has approved CBD-based Epilepsy medications for kids. These medications and the field as a whole are very promising and, for many parents who do not want to force their kids to take a variety of pills every day, CBD is represents an incredibly exciting alternative.


Keep in mind that while CBD has proven effective when it comes to treating certain types of epilepsy. It is not FDA-approved approved for ADD, anxiety, or chronic pain treatment in children. Therefore, if you think your child can benefit from the use of CBD or you are wondering how old to buy CBD, then you should consult your doctor. The short answer to the question is that, if the CBD you are buying contains no THC, then you can buy it for children of any age. However, many advocates and some experts agree that CBD gets some of its beneficial results from being coupled with, at least, trace amounts of THC. So if THC-free CBD is not giving your child the desired results, consider consulting your medical care professional about ways to get your hands on a high-quality CBD plus THC product that may do a better job. In general, CBD (whether with or without THC content) has very minor and limited side effects but, as a parent, it is always good to monitor your kids closely to see how they react to any new types of foods, medications, or natural supplements including CBD.