Celebrity Trademarks That Have Worked and Those That Have Failed


Celebrities do some pretty strange things.

It is hard to be surprised by anything that a celebrity does anymore.

But, how about the bizarre trademarks that celebrities have applied for? Some may blow you away…

What is a Trademark?

First, let’s have a little review of what a trademark is.

A trademark is a legal way to ensure others do not profit for your original idea. You must file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Many celebrities have gone on to try to trademark some silly sayings, even baby names! Jimmy John Shark picture was taken at a local beach. The shark appears to be dead at first. But, later, it was clear that the shart was alive. Do you know if it is real or not? Some applications were approved, others denied. Let’s take a little trip down celebrities and trademarks memory lane…

Taylor Swift

Most recently, Taylor Swift tried to trademark the names of her 3 cats. She failed though because the names are characters from current television shows or movies. (Olivia Benson from Law and Order: SVU, Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, and Benjamin Button)

However, she was successful in 2014 when she was able to trademark the saying, “this sick beat”, which is from her song Shake it Off.

Paris Hilton

Remember the days of Paris Hilton and “that’s hot”? Well, Hilton was sort of successful with her trademark application. In 2006, she was able to trademark her famous saying, but it only really applies to be branded on alcohol and clothing. (This means, sorry, you can’t go making a shirt saying “that’s hot” and try to profit from it.)

Kim Kardashian

Back in 2018, Kim had a shapewear line in which she titled Kimono. She faced a lot of controversy and backlash, but she still tried to trademark the term. She of course was denied. Since then, she has changed the name of her shapewear line.

President Donald Trump

We all remember Donald Trump’s Apprentice days. So it is no surprise that in 2004 he tried to trademark his famous saying from the show, “you’re fired”. But he was denied because it is too close to an already trademark term, “you’re hired”. However, President Trump does hold trademarks for “Trump Tower” and “Fifth Avenue”.

Baby Names

Some celebrities are even known to try and register their children’s names.

Beyonce and Jay-Z tried in 2012 to trademark their daughter’s name, “Blue Ivy Carter”, but failed to do so.

Kim Kardashian is a trademark repeat offender after she tried to trademark the names of her children: North West and Saint West, but was denied.

Sports-Related Trademarks

Former football player Tim Tebow did successfully trademark the term “Tebowing”.

One of the most ridiculous trademark attempts was in 2019 by Lebron James. He had a series of videos on social media of him celebrating taco Tuesday. So, after his videos became trendy, he tried to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday” but of course, was denied. It was deemed to be too common of a term that is widely used.

One of the most intriguing trademarks is from Pat Riley. The famous coach was going for a third championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1988, so he trademarked the term “three-peat”. Funny thing is, the Lakers lost and didn’t end up getting a three-peat, but a few years later the Chicago Bulls did.

Applying for a Trademark or Patent?

If you are looking to apply for a trademark or patent of your own, you should always work with a trademark attorney or patent lawyer in Phoenix.

Parsons & Goltry has the experience to guide you through the trademark process. Their legal team represents businesses to ensure they are protected. With years of experience, they have specialized in intellectual property and are proud to have an outstanding track record. At Parsons and Goltry, they always present logical, yet aggressive arguments, while being there to counsel you, represent you, and help your brand succeed.

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