Chandelier Ceiling Fans for Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal of House Interiors


A majority of residences in the US are installing chandelier ceiling fans, especially in their living rooms, bed rooms and guest areas for impressing upon all visitors and friends. It is to create that luxurious, grand, classic and opulent feel for guests that step inside a house for the first time. This is brought about by a combination of elements like chrome or steel, crystallized glass, and elegant colors/textures that blend beautifully with the house interiors. You can now choose from options like 3-Blade, 4- Blade & 5-Blade ceiling fans that come in a variety of sizes, designs, styles and color combinations.

It is an immaculately designed crystal chandelier attached to a fan that makes one such contemporary electrical appliance, a true piece of art for any home that wants to build upon that ‘welcoming’ vibe. Any guest stepping inside the house instantly falls in love with the decor, especially when his/her eyes get fixated onto the ceiling fan with a chandelier. It is the visually alluring elements like crystals & chrome that creates a dazzling and glittering effect, along with the hint of gold plating or chrome on the metal body & fan blades. And here in the US, a company like “Sofary” brings to you an exclusive collection of these designer home decor pieces, all hand-crafted to perfection and deftly engineered to precision.

Remote Controlled Fans & Lights

Yes, these ceiling fans with chandeliers can be controlled through a remote, as you can increase or decrease their speed, as well as switch on & off the lights in the chandeliers. Apart from that, you can also flip the blades, as per your needs, during the summer and winter months. The fan blades can be set in a clockwise & anticlockwise direction for different ‘air slicing’ modes. These ceiling fans are 100% LED compatible, easy-to-assemble and come in a fixed height. What’s more, it is available on a 30 day trial period, with a full ‘money back’ guarantee. Isn’t it worth trying having one at your home, even though your house has a centralized air-conditioning system in-place? This is to bring about that aesthetic transformation and visual upliftment for a residence that loves inviting friends and family over the weekends.

What’s Inside the Packaging?

When you order or buy one such ceiling fan chandelier, it comes replete with all chrome finish blades in your choice of color, a crystal chandelier with E12 Candelabra bulbs, a pair of gloves, set of screws, user installation manual and the fan itself. Before ordering one such chandelier fan, you can visit the official website of the manufacturer, and check for the different blade sizes. You can shortlist one that is perfect for your room dimensions. It is a reversible ceiling fan with a crystal chandelier, along with reversible blades & motor system that help cool in the summers and circulate air during winters. You can either go for a self-assembly or simply call a certified electrician near you, by going through the listings of handyman service providers in town.

Other Key Technical Specifications

The maximum weight of one such fan is 28 lbs, runs on a 110V electric motor, has 3 & 4 lights options and with 3 speed (low, medium & fast) selection. It has got LED bulbs; the blades have chrome finish and come with a one-year warranty. The chandelier ceiling fan comes in the form of completely knocked down (CKD) kits that can be easily assembled, by reading the user manual. What’s more, it’s affordably priced for all segments of buyers. It’s perfect for a big living room, dining room or a bedroom that was lacking in this aspect of beauty, grandeur and style. The main fan material is metal with fully reversible blades that circulate soothing air throughout the space, even when your AC unit is switched off.

Crystal Ceiling Fans that Instantly Attract

One such crystal ceiling fan is bound to catch the attention of all that visits your place. The very first thing that grabs the eyeballs of all your guests is the ceiling and the fan, which has a crystal chandelier attached to it. This masterpiece is definitely a style enhancer for a city residence that pays special attention to its interior decor. It cannot be anything better in style, class and opulence, when you’ve got one such grand utility artifact hanging from your ceiling, enhancing the overall appeal of a room by many folds. It is no wonder why so many average Americans are now buying such classic electrical appliances that are not only 100% functional, but help in bringing back the old world charm in a stylish new way. You can also go for customizing the overall look of the fan, be it in the area of crystal chandelier or the blades, with different design patterns and chrome finish. This is how your dull looking room gets an upgrade of some kind. Well, to be more precise, an aesthetic transformation.

What’s on Offer?

Now you can save up to 40% on all types of ceiling fans when you buy online at “Sofary”, as the offer is valid till 9/6, and you can again get an extra 6% off with the Labor Day coupon code. Isn’t it mouthwatering! Indeed, it is. With such an extensive range of crystal chandelier ceiling fans for sale, you’re literally confused as to which one to choose. It can be a 5-Blade Candle Style, Double Oval, Octagonal Bead, Double Layer Drum, Drum Oval Crystal, Black Metal Crystal, Black Metal Branch, and so on. The list is endless. I bet you’re going to love all of the designs that are showcased on the official company website, and choose one or more for each of your rooms. This is how you   go about transforming the grandeur of your bland looking living room or bed room, by just adding one single appliance on the ceiling.

This is referred to as a clinical transformation of a living space in an intelligent way, without altering the layout or tearing down any structure of a room. It’s a simple utility installation that is ingeniously created by the most professional light & fan designers in the US. One such crystal chandelier fan is unambiguously a cost-effective way to remodel your house, sans any paint, brick or mortar.


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